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by | Oct 2, 2008 | Archives

The multi currency penny drops as the dollar…and the euro fall.

Multi currency investors should ask. Is the US running out of wealth…figuratively as well as literally? Plus should the penny be dropped?

Multi currency investors also know that the penny literally should be dropped. Actually even the nickel should be dropped as well.

At the end of 2007, when metal prices were high, it cost 1.67 cents to mint a penny and nearly a dime to make a nickel.

The US mint estimates that striking these two coins created a loss for US taxpayers of about $100 million last year. Drop the penny and nickel and perhaps US tax payers would only have to spend $699 billion on the bail out.

Plus these are pretty meaningless coins realistically speaking. What can you buy for a nickel or a penny? They are only worth something figuratively.

Yet no administration will dare drop them…which is a point that we, as multi currency investors, should note. The US administration and most investors continue to live in a figurative world they cannot afford. Realistic multi currency investors can make literal profits from the majority’s inability to shift from the figurative to the real world.

The US has joined Japan and Europe as part of the old world, and the old world is not where the action is, even during these difficult economic times.

The shift continues from the old world to the new. The United States is in the doldrums and is not the only industrialized country feeling strain. This is the era when small and new is good!

This is why I have not been surprised to see emerging markets hold up better than
major markets during the current crisis.

A recent message about Multi Currency Risk Premium showed how to increase yields by 50% by investing in euro using emerging bonds.

Yet the euro can (and has) dropped against the US dollar, so emerging dollar bonds make sense as well as euro emerging bonds….especially because these dollar bonds can double the yield of Treasury dollar bonds.

We just sent our multi currency portfolios course an emerging dollar bond portfolio guaranteed by five governments that yields 5.79%.

You can see this portfolio when you subscribe to our Multi Currency Portfolios Course

A reader just shared a refrain about emerging markets that I am hearing, more and more, when she wrote:

“Gary, I just wanted to let you know how very much I’m enjoying all the information on Ecuador. For the past year or two I’ve been telling friends and family that I’d much prefer to live in an established 3rd world country on its way up, than the new 3rd world country I fear the US is becoming. Until yesterday, everyone thought I was nuts! I adore Ecuador! I had the priviledge of spending 2 months there a mere 29 yrs ago and have often dreamed of returning. Next Nov I’ll turn 50 and will be returning to Ecuador for another extended stay. I can’t wait! On that trip 29 yrs ago, my friend and I talked about importing the beautiful handicrafts we found in the Otovalo market and in the surrounding mountain villages. I’m looking forward to revisting that idea. Thanks for all that you and Merri do!”

This is how we feel about Ecuador. This country is on its way up as North Americans move south. One great benefit Ecuador has is warm weather. Merri and I love our lives in North Carolina’s mountains but after autumn’s gold, the weather looks like this! Here we were one year at the entrance of our farm.


We won’t make that mistake again!  Instead we move to Ecuador’s Pacific coast and Cotacachi, enjoying weather and views like this one shot we shot ovelooking San Pablo Lake and Otavalo which are near our hotel.

Tomorrow’s message looks at more Ecuador pictures and a multi currency bond portfolio that can triple your income!

Until then, good multi currency investing.


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