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The Ecuador constitution news sent in yesterday’s message Ecuador Beach Condo Views was was missed by many who did not spot the link in the article. That link led to the balance of the message at Ecuador’s new constitution.

So today, be sure t read the entire message. The first portion is about Ecuador.

Then there are also some important emerging bond investing details and links below as well.

To assist those interested in Ecuador I have established a full time support research and assistance team to help Ecuador Living subscribers in any way required. Part of this team are multi lingual European so we understand the Western cultural needs as well as those of Ecuador.

One service for example is that we scan Ecuador newspapers looking for unique properties and put our subscribers directly in touch…thus avoiding brokerage fees. This is important. See why here.

We also help our subscribers by asking developers (since we are not brokers and do not to accept real estate commissions) to provide discounts to our subscribers if they buy property.

For example one Quito property seller is offering a $10,000 discount to our subscribers on a spectacular Quito condo.

In another example there are 4 buildings at Primavera II in Cotacachi. The first building has condos at $46,500. If you become an Ecuador Living subscriber you can subtract 2% of all these prices and we can put you in touch with the developer and a real estate attorney who has taken care of many similar transactions. There are 18 condos available in the 4 buildings if my calculations are correct.

You can see more about the Cotacachi condos

We have been reviewing the Vistazul condo project north of Manta provides our subscribers a $10,000 savings. This is the last day for this savings. See more here.

We always recommend that you visit and see for yourself before you buy so the beach condo gives a 60 day refund option after deposit to visit.

Now we have found three more Ecuador real estate gems for our readers. Steve just wrote:

“I have great news. There are two buildable lots on the rim of Lake Cuicocha – must go to get photos.

Here are some lots on this lake.


“Also, an absolutlely amazing sounding property in the Intag – sounds like Rosapamba only better – an 1,800 meter variation in altitude – bananas at one end and paramo at the other.

Here is a shot of our 962 are hacienda Rosaspamba


“Plus we now have a whole golf course for sale!”

Here is that course.


On this lake.


We will be sharing data about these properties with our Ecuador Living subscribers shortly. You can subscribe to Ecuador Living here to gain this information.

Emerging bond data.

Yesterday’s message looked at how to invest in euro denominated emerging bonds to enhance safety and increase yield.

Today’s Multi Currency lesson looks at how to invest in dollar denominated dollar backed bonds that double your yield and are backed by five governments. You can read this lesson when you subscribe to our Multi Currency Course.

Readers have asked how to buy such bonds and I told then to get in touch with my friend Larry Grossman. Larry Replied:

“Yes we can purchase global bonds in just about any currency.

“If you are interested feel free to send me an email or give us a call.

Gary and I have known each other longer than we would care to admit and I have helped many of his friends over the years.”

You can reach Larry at

You can also invest in such bonds through Jyske Bank (for non US citizens and US residents) and Jyske Global Asset Management (for US citizens and US residents).

Jyske just issued an emerging bond update that said:

“From Iceland to Hungary…The international financial crisis is flourishing. It causes banks to close down, and today Glitnir in Iceland joined the club and had to be given artificial respiration by the Icelandic state. This has prompted us to change the composition of our model portfolio.

We are worried that ISK may weaken further, and we therefore sell our ISK-
denominated bonds. Instead we buy HUF-denominated bonds.

Sell ISK against HUF!

The Icelandic state has today acquired 75% of the Icelandic bank Glitnir. Thus they follow
the same track as the one followed in many other places around the world during the
financial crisis.

However, the worrying thing is that the news was not received well in the market, and ISK
took a further beating.

In our view, it is no longer attractive to hold positions in ISK-denominated bonds, and we
take stop loss. There is a risk that ISK may go lower still.

Instead we buy HUF-denominated bonds. In the long term, Hungary holds potential due to
the EU convergence case, and we are slightly sheltered from the financial storm. We buy
long-term HUF-denominated bonds, since we expect interest-rate cuts in Hungary in the
longer term.

Still excellent performance of the asset class!

As is well known, the financial crisis has hit the international capital markets in earnest.
That is why it is so impressive how resistant the emerging markets have turned out to be
compared with other asset classes.

The German DAX index is down by 27% year to date! Our benchmark, JPM’s GBI EM
Diversified, posted a return of +3.67% year to date! Due to the aggressive approach, the
model portfolio lost 6.38% year to date.

So we do not panic, but we adjust the composition of our model portfolio to come
safely through the crisis and out on the other side, where we are still bullish, when the dust
has settled.

The next weeks will still be very volatile, and it is not unlikely that the emerging markets
will be affected by a need to raise capital. But in the long term, we are bullish and we
therefore now hold a combination of MXN-,ZAR-, HUF-, BRL- and TRY-denominated bonds

Investment philosophy

The model portfolio should be regarded as a supplementary tool for inspiration for long-
term investors who want to diversify their portfolio, but who are more selective than
those who buy mutual fund units.”

Non US investors should contact Non Americans should contact

Mr. Rene Mathys, Vesterbrogade 9 DK-1780 Copenhagen V, Denmark

Tel: +45 8989 6232
Fax: +45 898 6194

US investors should contact Thomas Fischer, Jyske Global Asset Management,Vesterbrogade 9, DK-1780 Copenhagen V, Denmark
Tel. +45 89 89 59 03
Fax +45 89 89 59 01

Until next message, good global investing to you



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