Ecuador Beach Condo Views

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There are three more Ecuador beach condo views that have caused me to promote this project…views beyond the views of the beach.

View from the Ecuador beach condo club house dining room.

ecuador-beach-condo-dining view

The first view is that Ecuador has a perfect position in the new energy era ahead. The New York Times Magazine article by Mark Svenvold entitled “Wind-Power Politics” says: “The kind of awakening which most environmentalists believe we are all headed for is a collective recalibration of what it costs to keep the world up and running. It began with the restructuring of the state’s electricity market and the subsequent removal of price caps which had kept electricity prices artificially low. Everything skyrocketed.”

The weather is so great in Ecuador on Ecuador’s beach and in the Andes that most places do not need air conditioning or heat. Ecuador also has perpetual intense sunshine…great for the development of solar power.

There is also a lot of wind off the Pacific and in the mountains…plus there are no hurricanes on the equator…all good conditions for wind energy generation.

The next generation of productivity enhancing technology is most likely to come in the form of wind and solar power!

Ecuador beach bird life view from the condos. The birds float on the wind and hang in the ocean breeze.


The second view is that Ecuador will always have plenty of food. The Vistazul condos are in San Clemente, a fishing village near Bahia. Here are fisherman going to work in front of the Vistazul club house.

Sun and sea assure a rich, fresh food supply. Chances are that a lot of this food will be healthy as well. Merri and I buy fresh fish right from the boat as it returns. These shrimp were so large that two provided a meal and the clubhouse chef grilled them for us.


In addition the Vistazul Ecuador beach condos the developer is planting 5,000 fruit trees (for just 63 beach condos) and an organic garden. (No, that was not a typo….it is five thousand fruit trees.) The people of Ecuador are in touch with the environment. So much so that in their new constitution (70% of the country approved this two days ago), plants are given inalienable rights…just as humans are. More on this in a moment.

Vistazaul sunset view from highest units.

ecuador-beach-condo-long range view

My third view is, and has been for generations, that my future is best served by helping my readers prosper. I do not make a penny if you buy one of these condos or not.

Again and again I have mystified readers by plugging the heck out of some idea that I believe will give my readers an extra advantage even though it appears to be at my loss. This simple truth? When I spot a good investment I know it helps my business if I make sure my readers find out about it.

Take for example one time years ago, I sent my readers a message about a real estate auction I had unveiled in Crested Butte, Colorado. The story revealed that a Savings & Loan had repossessed a number of condos near a ski lift and I mentioned I was bidding $50,000 for one of these units myself. My readers outbid me and racked up huge profits! The lowest bid by readers was $51,000. I totally lost out yet did not mind a bit. Merri and I are happy any time we can share good investing ideas with readers. This has created a loyalty and wonderful feelings for over forty years that is worth more than any profit on a real estate deal.

I received this note one day from one of the readers that outbid me. He wrote:

“Hello Gary, If you’re looking for interesting real estate possibilities, you might want to revisit Crested Butte, Colorado. I bought our first unit there at the Plaza after reading about the auction in your newsletter (in 1991). I have since sold it as our family grew, and bought a new 4 bedroom townhouse, then a second after the first turned out so well
and then a 3 bedroom condo built by the same developer at another nearby property.
Prices in Crested Butte go up, plateau for a while, then go up a bit more.”

That reader made a fortune. Did I lose? Not from my point of view. My loyal readers have paid me through their subscriptions and course fees more money than I imagine possible…because they learn I genuinely am looking for ways to give them useful, interesting information and contacts that make their lives better.

This is why I urge developers and sellers of real estate to give my readers special prices and discounts that far exceed the subscription fees I charge. In the case of Vistazul condos, $89,000 for a condo with a great Ecuador beach view, $89,000 for a two bedroom, two bathroom condo is already a great price. The $10,000 discount (last reservations for this are today) makes this a price (for this quality of construction with this much green space) that you may never see again.

Vistazul beach view.


Prices have risen on these condos, but still offer an incredible value, plus until October 1, Kjetil is offering the original price (a $10,000 savings) to Ecuador Living subscribers

This is not a pie in the sky deal. The club house is complete and the first 19 units are well on their way to completion.

Vistazul clubhouse swimming pool and tennis court view.

ecuador-beach-condo-tennnis court view

View from the first unit of six units that Merri and I purchased.

ecuador-beach-condo-front porch view

For answers to questions or more details, send a note to Thor Anderson at

Finally my view is that these Ecuador beach condos have been enhanced, by the overwhelming approval of Ecuador’s new constitution.

As mentioned this constitution had a first for constitutions.

One passage says: “Nature has the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, structure, functions and its processes in evolution.” How novel and refreshing!

Perhaps this will be a first small step for mankind so our children and grandchildren can enjoy unspoiled views like this as well.

ecuador-beach-condo-sunset view

There are numerous other reasons why this new constitution may help the value of these Ecuador beach condos grow. See why here

Until next message, may all your views be good


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