On the Way to Bahia Ecuador

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On the way to Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador from Manta, there are two good beach areas to see first.

Starting at the airport the first beach at Crucita is about thirty minutes away but the initial part of the trip is not good. Terrible might be a better word. There are smelly tuna factories and garbage dumps. This is just not a pretty area that heads inland. A military reservation occupies the land along the coast as your journey begins.

My advice? Get a good driver, lean back and take a short nap. You’ll be on the beach soon enough.

It’s worth getting past this because when you turn back to the sea and reach Crucita you get this beach.

Ecuador-Beach-crucita-long view-

This wonderful beach runs all the way to San Clemente (where we live). That point in the far distance is just a short amble from our apartment at Vistazul. Here it is up close.

Ecuador-Beach-San Clemente

This is many miles of empty beach walking if you like and at low tide you can walk round the pin and walk another 30 miles or so to Bahia.

Back to Crucita. Many of our readers live there. We helped them buy lots for these houses at $2,500 over a decade ago.


These lots have astounding views and last time we visited there were four left at $12,500 asking. We were told resales are in the $17,500 range now.


These are wonderful view houses inside and out. There is a restaurant there and…


para sailing.


Down the hill in the village, there are some very nice condos on the beach.


The downside of Crucita beach property is that the highway runs along the beach so there is a busy road bewteen the houses and the beach. However views from the condos are still nice.


These are smart units! Nice inside.


Behind the condos are some excellent large Ecuador beach houses for sale.


From here you can start walking north.


Enjoy the sun, salt, sea…

and wild life.


Finally you would arrive at our apartment at Vistazul in San Clemente.


With these views.


and this


Plus the fresh seafood this brings!

On that long walk you would ave also passed these condos (selling at $18,000).


But rarely do we walk this far. Instead we jump in the car and take the 15 minute drive from Crucita to San Clemente. we’ll take a look at this ride and the next beach on the way to Bahia in the next portion of this Bahia report.


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