Ecuador Fare Special

by | Sep 18, 2008 | Archives

Ecuador fare specials come frequently.

Many readers ask about the cost of flying to Ecuador from Canada and the US.

There are many reasons to visit Ecuador like this 150 acre hacienda for sale at a $50,000 asking price.


Ecuador fares change daily so we use to get a feel of overall Ecuador air fares. Then we check with the main airlines that fly direct from the US, to Ecuador, Delta, Continental, AA and Lan.

Lan Ecuador fares are best right now with a special fare from Miami of $528 round trip or $820 1st class Ecuador air fare.

Their website is and they have an easy to use excellent system that helps you choose flights from many cities that connect to Lan flights in Miami.

Lan airline not only offers great Ecuador fares, but typically gives great service as well.

Until next message may all your Ecuador fares be fair.


Take advantage of the Ecuador fare special and join us.

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