Three Great Ecuador Attributes

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Three things about Ecuador that Merri and I love are the Ecuadorian people…Ecuador’s diversity and…Ecuador’s style.

An example of the people is Dr Andres Cordova. Andres is our attorney. He is the grandson of one of Ecuador’s more famous presidents and senior partner in a law firm that represents Ecuador’s treasury.

Yet to me he is an example of how Ecuadorians are willing to help others in so many ways.

For example, we warn our delegates and readers to stay away from the Mariscal Sucre area in Quito. This is a very touristy area that many of the tour agents promote. This area is loaded with very clever pickpocket type thieves.

Regretfully some delegates do not mind our warnings, as was the case when a delegate from our course, on his way back to the US, visited this area. His carry on bag was stolen (in a tricky but not aggressive way). He lost everything, passport, wallet, car keys, credit card, driver’s license. He was stranded with $3 left in his pocket.

Fortunately he called us in Cotacachi. I called Andres Cordova who immediately left his Sunday afternoon lunch and within the hour had picked up our delegate, given him $200 cash and sent him back to us in Cotacachi.  (The US Embassy would not help the delegate until Monday.)

This is not the first time Andres has gone out of his way to pull a delegate’s irons out of a fire. A few years ago a delegate arrived for our Import-Export Expedition. The delegate had journeyed to Peru first and purchased many huge bags of goods to take back to the US . Naturally Ecuadorian customs wanted to tax them. Though it was nearly midnight, one call to Andres got him working and he immediately sorted the problem out.

I would like to thank Andres for the continuing help and goodwill he gives to our readers. His willingness to look after us when we are in a bind is one reason I wholeheartedly recommend his Ecuador real estate projects in Mindo. I am not involved financially in any way but delight in putting good people (my readers) together with good people (Andres and his real estate team).

You can learn more about the style that Andres and his team have put into their new Mindo home project at arboretto-team

Diversity. If you like tropical and natural, Mindo, Ecuador is one of Ecaudor’s beautiful areas. Merri and I purchased (and still own) our first hacienda Rosaspamba near Mindo.  The area is priceless in its environmental importance.

Just 45 minutes west of Quito, Mindo has a rapidly growing tourist industry based on Ecotourism in the Mindo-Nambillo Protected Forest. Birdwatching is especially famous in Mindo as well butterflies, orchids and bromeliads.

Andres is developing a stunning gated community based on eco living there.

Here are architectual plans for two houses at the project.

cloud-forest design


Yet if one desires instead they can live in a busy city. For example look at this Quito condo deal.

See more pictures of Bahia at Bahia Real Estate.

Then there is the coast. We live part time at Vistazul in San Clemente near Bahia. Mortgages now available. See Ecuador Beach Condo News.

Then there are the Andean villages as well, high, dry, sunny and cool. We love living in Coatacahi. See a special condo offer there at
Cotacachi Condos Fight Inflation

There you have it, friendly people, style and diversity plus prices so low you can enjoy all the wonderful areas.

We hope to meet you in Ecuador.


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