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Our pet projects are our pets.

Merri and I love animals. They have been part of our lives since we were kids. Merri never rode a bike growing up. She was on a horse every day instead.

I had it even better as far as animals go. As a zoo keeper’s son, I enjoyed animals all the time…even raising lions and tigers at home. Here is an old newspaper clipping from the Oregonian about my sister and me with the second baby lion, Duchess, we raised. I was only seven or eight then and over the years we raised more than a dozen of them.


This is one reason we have a farm…for our dog Ma and five horses.

healthy-pet-horses & dogs

And our geese and chickens.



We added a dozen mallards last month. they came in the mail.


and cats. This is Boots.


This is his friend, Alice.


So we know the importance of nutrition in pets. I began learning this when feeding baby lions and tigers. The right food at the right time is essential!

We have struggled getting a good diet for our hound dog, Ma (really a fairy princess in disguise).

She was an abandoned pup who stumbled in her dying gasps to our footsteps, back hip crushed, atrophied leg…ribs exposed. She began with a bad start..before she stumbled onto the pot of gold…us.

Yet the back leg never quite healed correctly and we see, if we let down on her nutrition at all, she drops downhill fast. Now at eleven years of age she is still going strong but we are doubly cautious about making sure she gets the best of care.

This has made it hard here in Ashe County…a great place but there are not many veterinarians around who specialize in natural nutrition. Our daughter in Portland is a vet but that is 2,500 miles away and when we have questions she can’t look at Ma.

So we were delighted to discover that one of our readers Dr. Dan is a Vet in  Unicoi County, Tennessee not more than an hour and a half from our farm.

Dan no longer practices veterinary medicine but formulates natural products…exactly what we have been looking for.

A few of the pet items he offers include:

Pet Bug Check…Promotes and maintains healthy skin and coat…from the Inside…OUT!

Pet Health Check…A super anti-oxidant herbal formula. This supplement reduces oxidative stress caused by free radicals and has an anti-oxidant ORAC total Fl 219 per gram.

Pet Aller Check…To help maintain normal, healthy skin, gut, and immune system.

Pet Omega Check…Promotes and maintains healthy skin and coat – Great source of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids!

SHOO-FLEA…Natural Flea Control for Pets.

Bug Check Spray… A Bug Kill and Repellent Spray w/ Pyrethrins and Aloe Vera.

We are starting with Dr. Dan’s Pet Joint Check that supports healthy joint function, bone and connective tissue.

Ma’s crushed hip has always left her relying a little extra on her other three joints. Years of running for miles on the farm adds that extra joint stress on the three healthy joints.

The active ingredients in this supplement include Glucosamine HCL,
Glucosamine Sulfate and Chrondroitin Sulfate plus there is Ascorbic Acid, Astragalus Herb Powder, Beta Carotene, Boswellia Extract, Citrus Bioflavinoids, Copper Proteinate, Deglycyrrhized Licorice Powder, DL-Methionine, Dried Liver Extract (Porcine Source), Garlic Powder, Ginko Biloba, Ground Dried Grape & Seed Pomace, Grape Seed Extract, L-Lysine, Maltodextrin, Manganese Proteinate, Montmorillonite, N-acetyl-L-cysteine, Pine Bark Extract, Poultry Meal, Siberian Ginseng, Vitamin E Supplement, Whey, Yeast Culture, Zinc Proteinate.

We have not tried these supplements yet but will start shortly and we’ll let you know how Ma responds.

Meanwhile you can learn more about DR Dan and his formulas.

Until next message, may your projects and animals be blessed pets.


Meet our pets. Join us for the autumn leaf change and our course International Business and Investing Made EZ. We’ll all spend some time at the farm.