Ecuador Beach Condo News

by | Aug 18, 2008 | Archives

Ecuador beach condo news is inflationary but not all bad.

There are many reasons why Merri and I love Ecuador’s Pacific and why we decided to buy beach condos there.

One of the most important beach condo features for us is the incredible sunsets on the Ecuadorian Pacific.

Here is a sunset shot from our Ecuador beach apartment.


This incredible beauty is good news.

Really low prices…incredible value to our way of thinking, is another reason we love our Ecuador beach condo deals.

Yet the sun is about to set on the really best prices. That’s the bad news. We’ll get to the good news in a moment.


Ecuador beach condos in the Vitsazul development (where we have our condos and where this sunset was shot) have been available for as low as $79,000.

Yet inflation is everywhere. The cost of steel and cement have skyrocketed in Ecuador. Thor Anderson the project’s financial officer just sent me the new prices for the condos.

The new prices are as follows:

Lower units $89,000

Mid-range units $115,000

Top Units $139,000

Plus $5,000 club fees. These fees provides beach access, dining access at Palmazul Hotel & Spa, use of the club beach swimming pool, the tennis courts and gym.

These prices are still an excellent value…just not as excellent as before. However there is still some good news below.

First, here is the clubhouse Palmazul Hotel & Spa.


Here is the beach pool.


The condos by the way are of similar construction and visible from the back of the hotel. Here is a shot of Vistazul construction from the hotel.


Merri’s and my first unit is almost finished. Here are some shots of this unit so you can get a better feel of the interior design and construction. These shots were taken at sunset so you can see the rosy glow that nature casts.


Here is a shot looking out from the living area into the sea.


Here is a reverse picture looking into the living area.


Here are two interior shots. Note all the hardwood trim and doors.



This is the backside of the upstairs unit.


Here you can see the high quality of hardware used.


Plus some more construction shots.

Ecuador-beach-condo-size Ecuador-beach-condo-construction

Now for the good news.

Thor Anderson has written this about financing.

“Gary, Here is what we would like to offer clients on financing:

Up to 75% financing on units at 8.5% for a term of 10 years.


Purchase price $ 100,000.

25% Down $ 25,000
75% Financing$ 75,000

$70,000 @ 8.5% for 120 payments = $867.89 monthly

I shopped local banks and this is a much better deal and program from anything they’re offering.”

There is even better news for Ecuador Living subscribers and our September real estate tour delegates. Here is what Thor has offered:

“Gary, We will continue to waive the $5,000 club fees and keep the original $79,000 price for Ecuador Living subscribers and your September tour delegates up to October 1, 2008.

Learn more here about how to be an Ecuador Living subscriber and gain these savings.

Learn how to join our September Ecuador Coastal real estate tour.

As always I would like to confirm that I am not selling these condos and am not paid any commission for their sale. We are able to negotiate these special prices for our readers due to this fact.

For more details contact Thor Anderson at

Until next message may all your sunsets be good!



Sunset from Vistazul.