Cotacachi Condos Fight Inflation

by | Aug 15, 2008 | Archives

Cotacachi Condos Fight Inflation and inflation fighters are vital for investing.

Cotacachi condos have always offered great value but one of the biggest problems we face is the deterioation of purchasing power so these values are even more important now.

The inflation problem grows in Cotacachi and globally!

Today’s  (Aug. 15, 2008) New york Times said:

“Consumer Prices Rose Sharply in July

Inflation ran at 0.8 percent, twice the expected pace in July; the year-over-year change was 5.6 percent, the most in more than 17 years, pushed up by costlier energy and food.”

This is a global problem and we have seen prices of property in Cotacachi and all of Ecuador begin to rise.

So I am pleased to share details of some Cotacachi condos with great prices and a potential discount for you.

Cotacachi Condo

Cotacachi codos resist inflation.  Here is a shot of the latest Cotacachi condo units.

Our Ecuador Living subscribers can get a better price on these Cotacachi condos than anyone else.

The word has been spreading for years that our readers have purhcased millions of dollars worth of Ecuador real estate but we are not brokers and do not take commissions.  So more and more property sellers are contacting us with property they have to sell.

We always try to get them to offer a discount to our Ecuador Living subscribers and we have succeeded with the excellent Prima Vera condos.

Merri and I have a house amidst these condos and many of our subscribers own units there.  Our house was built by the builder of these Cotacachi condos Jorge Quilumbaqui.

Here is a note sent to me by John Papski, one of our staff in Cotacachi Ecuador.

“Gary, Jorge, the Primavera constructor has been spoken to this afternoon and has agreed on a 2% discount to any of your readers on all Primavera apartments and probably the following stages that include the
apartments and town house probably a year down the road

Five apartments are now available at $46,500. Each s about 1,200 square feet in size.”

You can see pictures of my house and completed apartments at

Gary & Merri’s  Cotacachi House

Prima vera Cotacachi condo

Until next message  good inflation fighting to you


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