Multi Currency Realities

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Let’s look at underlying multi currency realities of economics.

These basic multi currency ideals are what move the financial world!

Recent messages have looked at the importance of looking beyond perceptions created by the establishment. Look instead at the fiscal and demographic reality. Ignore the noise in the daily media.
Do not trust the manipulation of information, spin and perception management from governments.

We live in a global economy. The ultimate form of financial security is a multi currency existence. We are all one unit multi nationals!

The ultimate multi currency position is a six point command posture where you

Live in one country
Bank in a second country
Invest in many countries
Earn in two or more countries
Use a company incorporated in a fifth country
Take a second residence

Recently this idea has been disturbing a number of readers. They write and tell me that this type of thinking is unpatriotic. They think this is ahead of its time I guess.

These multi currency ideas are not new. In fact if anything, they are outdated. I originally introduced those very words in my first book, “Passport to International Profit “published in 1978…30 years ago!

Back then a lot of readers were disturbed at what they deemed was unpatriotic thinking. By the late 1980s, I thought everyone had caught on!

Now suddenly a batch of readers have been sending me some pretty rabid stuff.

This idea of being a multi national should be pretty common now.

What’s with this wave of disturbed readers? I have not seen this type of mail for 20 years.

I have been thinking about this and realize that these new disgruntled missives show just how much this idea really is becoming the norm. These readers who are disturbed now are the Johnny-Come-Latelies that have ignored realty for three decades. They are finally having to accept that Uncle Sam really is not really a guy in a top hat who is there to protect them. This fact is not always easy for them to accept.

They are so far behind the curve perhaps it disturbs them to see how much they really lag.

The advice to be a one man multi national has paid off for my thousands of readers over the last three decades as the global economy has emerged.

As the stages of the economic unification of the world unwind, technology is obliterating the concept of nationality and making it necessary to add a seventh command posture which is:

Be flexible at all times with an open mind and willingness to adapt.

Nationalism’s Death Throes

The industrialized world as we know it has evolved through a number of eras of improved productivity powered first by water, then steam, then the internal combustion engine, the jet, computer chip and finally internet.

Each wave of productivity has dramatically altered economics and these alterations eventually changed the political world.

The last three waves of productivity have especially diminished the power of governments that rule via force and control of information.

A reader sent me this note that shows how much of nationalism has been obliterated.

He wrote:

“Gary, I get goose bumps as I read this issue. To me this is another confirmation of the rapidity of this positive change going on with human consciousness.

“Below is some summary information and a link that shows me how the old paradigm is imploding making way for this new, shall we say, Golden Age.

“David Wilcock, has done some impeccable research about the onrushing new paradigm.Here is a small summary from David Wilcock’s article:

“The Internet has provided a robust new “medium” for these emergent properties to occur. Here are a few of many examples of how single agents within the system are utterly transforming the ‘old world’ as it collapses all around us:

“Napster: Initially traced to a single agent — Napster, then Kazaa — the youth culture is now completely hooked on stealing their music. (I have never done this, as you definitely take a karmic ‘hit’ for it.) As a result, the entire music industry — which was heavily compromised by the elite to manipulate the public — is now in terminal decay. The film industry is also in trouble, which is why every DVD you rent now tries to guilt you into not stealing movies.

“Apple: A mere handful of years ago, Bill Gates rescued Apple from bankruptcy so he’d still have some degree of competition for Windows. Now Apple has taken over what money remains to be made from music downloads with Itunes, Ipods and now the Iphone.

“Craigslist: A rarely-if-ever-seen figure named Craig has single-handedly destroyed the most powerful financial support for the entire newspaper media system — the classified ads. Let’s not forget this entire system was heavily dominated by the power elite as a means of propaganda, going back to projects like MOCKINGBIRD.

“YouTube: A small-scale start-up business has now virtually wiped out the younger audiences for television, another area of media that is almost entirely compromised by the elite. I just saw a recent study saying the average age of a television watcher is now 50. Hence, you see many, many pharmaceutical ads on TV.

“Drudge Report: Matt Drudge’s website, Drudge Report, dominates all American media and he has never been able to be controlled by the power elite, much to their dismay. Mainstream media must follow Drudge’s whims if they want to stay relevant.

“Huffington Post: Adrianna Huffington single-handedly built a website that is now the focal-point of left-leaning media — again outside the hands of the elite to control. If she gets mad at you and writes about it, God help you.

“Perez Hilton: Shockingly un-funny, immature and hurtful attacks against public figures took a no-name website and turned it into a major force affecting all paparazzi media. If he likes you, miracles can happen. Perez is almost singularly responsible for Amy Winehouse becoming the latest paparazzi sensation. About the only positive of this emergent property is he is anti-drug and has made it very un-cool to be an addict.

“Free Porn: According to Illuminati whistleblower, Svali, pornography was another major source of financing for the power elite, and highly compromised at the top levels. Now the market is in catastrophic decline thanks to certain websites hosting free streaming video, generated and / or uploaded by the users themselves.

“Google: another private company that is at least predominantly outside of elite hands has grown to completely dominate the search-engine market. They are rapidly expanding into many other areas — including buying YouTube and releasing their own upcoming competitor to the Iphone.

“Free Internet? Most importantly, Google is trying to be as quiet as possible about buying up all the ‘dark fiber’ in America — i.e. fiber-optic cables laid down in the dot-com boom but never used. It is very likely that they plan to create free, unlimited broadband access for the entire country. Why? The revenue it will generate — even in a minimally-invasive form for the end-user — should more than pay for the cost. In the process, big media companies would be further destroyed by the loss in revenue. They also appear to be investigating using the electrical power grid as a backup Internet delivery system, based on certain reports of their activity.

“Ron Paul: Though he did not win the Republican nomination, Ron Paul’s candidacy had all the qualities of a complex adaptive system with self-organizing emergent properties. His constituency self-organized to raise him over 34 million dollars, and gave him the publicity to create an incredible sensation everyone was talking about, substantially increasing public awareness of the reality of a negative elite behind the scenes. Once the globalists fall, many will credit Ron Paul for giving a very healthy shove in the right direction.

“Oprah: Granted, her emergence was in television, but with her vast audience, built up over many years, and a slick integration of the Internet for her audience to hear more, she possesses the power to effect great personal and spiritual change for many. Her official endorsement of Obama was arguably the pivotal event that differentiated him from the wealth of contenders.†

“The Internet is the common denominator in every one of these systems, and Obama’s candidacy is the latest “emergent property” to develop from a system reaching peak criticality. Over 250 million dollars have been raised by harnessing the power of the Internet.

“All of these cases provide tangible proof that the old-world method of top-down management and disguised control over the flow of media and information is falling apart. You may spend millions of dollars building up a public figure, and now Perez can attack them and blow your investment single-handedly… and this is just one of many examples.

“Music, television, movies, newspapers, magazines, you name it… everything is changing faster than it can be controlled. This will only continue — and our lives will be better and better for it.

You are blessed!! Larry”

Wow look at the huge groundswells of change that are taking place before our very eyes. The have become so common…so accepted that we fail to realize that we are seeing the future in the here and now. Change is coming faster then ever before and we have all become multi national buyers.

If you have not done, now so is the time to become a multi currency investor and business as well.

Until next message, your future encompasses the world.


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