Essential Oil Mists

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Essential oil mists can benefit our health in many ways.

“Evening mists rose like white smoke from the dense jungle in tiny cyclones of purity that masked the deep green below. Dusk’s shadows played purple harmonies on sharp angles in a distant mountain ridge while bird songs carried cosmic visions of nature’s perfect order in their tunes. A sun warmed breeze rose from the valley with pungent tales of life and death and the mystic reality of life’s richness in the setting sun.

Merri and I love mists and years ago we lived for nearly a year with an Andean shaman high in the mountains at our Hacienda Rosaspamba. Here we are with the shaman hiking trough a cloud forest into a misty valley with this healer.


This shaman used mists to rejuvenate. He said that the positive ions in the mists cleaned from the outside in.

One reason we love North Carolina are the morning mists that even on really hot days, keep the dawns cool enough to wear a heavy shirt before the sun gets up high. Here I am on a July morning.

cool mornings

We love Ecuador’s cool misty mornings as well. Here is a typical scene at dawn on a lake San Pablo near our hotel in Cotacachi.


Essential oil mists are powerful too. They are balancers that help eliminate dis-ease.

This message looks at the easiest way to get the benefits of Aromatherapy instantaneously, through essential oil mists and an excellent new self help health tool.

Mists offer a gentle Aroma therapeutic wash that can have immediate and profound benefits, calming the mind, balancing the emotions, nurturing the skin, cleansing the body and surrounding environment.

Merri and I especially use essential oil mists when we travel. On the plane they freshen and purify the stale airline environment. We also use them to relieve the heat of the summer.

Essential oil mists also make great stress-free gifts.

Different essential oil mist blends help mist away different types of imbalances and now there is a new self help tool to make this even more effective, an Essential Oil Mist Chart that our friends, Candace Newman and her husband John, recently created.

I am excited about this because I use my Essential Oil Blend Chart, that Candace created years ago, as a self help took continually.  This Essential Oil Blend Chart shows her various essential oil blends and what they balance.

Right now, I am wearing essential oil blend #7 because it soothes and balances. When I am busy and working on tight schedules, I find that this blend helps me remain calm.

For example, earlier this week I was working up in our hay loft stacking bales of hay for our horse’s winter feed. The dust left me hacking and coughing.

The minute I was back at the house, I pulled out my Essential Oil Chart which showed that Candace’s blend #5 is composed of eucalyptus, peppermint, pine, cypress and lemon oils. This is good for easing respiration, colds and flu. It opens and clears, moves the rivers (Chinese) reduces Kapha (Auyerved) and stimulates the throat chakra. I used that blend, then took a steam bath with some more of that oil mixed in the steam.

My cough disappeared.

So I am happy to share this new Essential Oil Blend Chart here.


Now you can have the new Essential Oil Mist Chart as well. Plus during August, Candace is offering a sample of four 1 oz essential oil mist blends each in amber plastic bottle with zipper carrying case at a 10% discounted price of only $31.45. The Essential Oil Mist Chart is included free.

1 ounce Lavender Mist
1 ounce Lavender-Peppermint Mist
1 ounce Lavender-Rose Mist
1 ounce Rejuvenation Mist


Learn more or order here

Until next message, may all your mists be pure!