More Multi Currency Terror

by | Aug 6, 2008 | Archives

A recent message was about perceptions and terror and how understanding perceptions could help us be better multi currency investors.

You can read this message at Ecuador Perceptions.

Many readers enjoyed the thought.

One reader wrote:

“Good Morning, Gary, Good thoughts clearly stated, couldn’t agree more. Thanks. Steve”

Another said:

“In reference to your newsletter I cannot agree more about investing in what is perceived by the masses as ‘risky places’. Especially with this market turmoil everyone is scared about credit crises, bank failure, socialist and communist philosophy, and whatever is the problem of the day. Problems are big today, therefore you can buy a home in California (San Diego Area) for $400,000 when the same home was sold in 2005 for $750,000. Average Detroit homes are going for $20,000, yes twenty thousand dollars! Buy low sell high. Dario”

Yet another reader proved the point of the message when he wrote:

“Take me off your mailing list, These emails have become a comfortable reminder of a world I once knew and I actually was planning on attending one of your functions. I have listening with some patience to your gnashing of teeth at the Bush government’s actions and various defenses of left-wing – yes, leftwing – causes, and I’ve had enough. I’m a PhD in the field of International relations, so I know a little of the subject at hand, and I simply can’t stomach any longer your false moralizing over the actions and resultant systemic structures that allow you to be who you are – a capitalist. You have made your fortune precisely because of a system held in place by the actions of a US hegemon, and I shudder to think how you would be treated in Equador or anywhere else if you did not have the most benign imperium the world has ever seen virtually next door to you. I don’t know how this escaped you over the years of your life, but international relations based on flower power and smiles don’t work and never have, mythologies about Ghandi notwithstanding. Scott”

This is exactly the proof of the pudding. The message was not defending left wing policies at all. In fact the message was about looking for good capitalistic fundamentals in places that could be perceived as left wing…such as London under red Ken and Hong Kong under a communist treat.

The reader above shows us how the majority are so caught in their perceptions, like deer in a spotlight, that they cannot even move. This reader did even worse than shoot the messenger. He shot the messenger that was essentially bringing him good news because his perceptions so clouded his view.

So I repeat the message: Look beyond perceptions at the realities. Ignore the noise in the daily media and do not trust the manipulation of information by governments.

Look at underlying economic realities. These,not headline stories designed to sell newspapers, are the forces that move what move the world!


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