Ecuador and Blackberries

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Blackberry juice is a favorite drink in Ecuador. A great puzzle is why blackberry juice is not served regularly in the US.

We have it all summer here at our farm.


Last night after our daily cooling mountain thunder storm, we hiked out for our first picking of wild mountain blackberries.  Forest mists shrouded cool mountain meadows.  The stream below sang sleepily. This is a good year. The berries are  luscious and black.  We have acres of them.

This is the time of year that I remind readers of John Douillard’s book, “Three Season Diet” which shows how to lose weight, increase health and vitality by eating different foods at different times of the year. The concept is based partly on Ayurved, the Indian science of life and well being, which views the body as having three essences; vata (essence of motion), pitta (essence of transformation-digestion) and kapha (essence of solidity). These essences are also described as vata-air, pitta, fire and kapha, earth/water. A key in Ayurved is to keep the three in balance.

Ayurved also recognizes differences in seasons, spring, being a moist, fertile time of growth of course is a kapha period. Summer, naturally is a time of heat or pitta when the seeds transform into food. Finally, autumn and winter turn windy and cold. Things become brittle and dried, the time of vata. So the tendency in summer is for the fire in us (pitta) to grow excessively, spring brings kapha problems and winter hosts vata imbalances.

Berries are the classic summer food, sweet, sour and astringent. They help cool the body.  Blackberries are also very alkaline, high in iron and are excellent blood builders.

So you can see that blackberries (growing practically everywhere in the country) are the perfect food for us in summer!

John’s book shows some other great summer foods that help weight control by helping balance blood sugar.

Blueberries are another good blood sugar regulating food according to John’s book which says:

“Blueberries, Native to North America, are harvested from May through August and are both sweet and astringent. Traditionally known to help strengthen the pancreas and stabilize blood sugar levels, blueberries serve to offset the high energy demands and sugar content of the summer fruit harvest. They are not cooling as blackberries or raspberries and are okay in the winter also. Recent studies have found blueberries to be a very powerful antioxidant.”

You can learn more about John’s book Three Season Diet here


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