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Micro Thousands – How to Earn an Extra $19,690.05 a month.

Micro thousands add up. Earning a thousand dollars isn’t a big thing these days…yet it’s certainly not bad either…especially when it is an extra thousand or two or an extra nineteen thousand, each and every month.

Micro thousands are even much better when the extra thousands come from a micro business that is fun.

This message shares how to really earn an extra $19,690.05 a month…I mean really. See the proof below.

Our main income comes in three ways:

#1: Investment Income
#2: Rents and Royalties
#3: Publishing Strategic Alliances

Yet we also earn extra income from internet sales which I will share exactly with you in a moment.

Years ago, we had 23,000 print readers…micro sized in publishing terms. Merri and I believe that in this rapidly changing world…small is beautiful. Yet we made millions from this business.

When money stopped mattering as much, our children were grown and out of university, we sold our print business and morphed into an internet only affair. Our readership dropped to about 1,600 email readers. We expected to slow down.

As crazy as it seems, we could actually run a business with this small readership because our readers are so wonderfully responsive.


I write and publish information about what I believe…enjoy and do.
Our readers are responsive because the connection between reality and what we write makes what we share authentic and helpful.

In the slick modern ad driven world of spin and perception management, authenticity is in short supply. There is a huge demand for honesty and integrity in business!

Authenticity is easy to develop when writing about something worthwhile, that is well known and enjoyed.

For example, our publishing is focused around three areas:

#1: How to enjoy Ecuador living.

#2: How to do multi currency investing.

#3: How to build your own small international business.

This is because Merri and I live in Ecuador, invest in multi currencies and have our own small international business. We love this lifestyle and share openly what we do.

This helps authenticity come easily.

For example I am one of the few (perhaps only) investment publishers I know that actually publishes my personal portfolio.

There are plenty of investment publishers, brokers, advisers and such that tell you they have a secret to richness. But how many actually share the exact breakdown of their portfolio?

In a moment I will even share an exact breakdown of my internet sales.

How many writers and publishers do this?

Today, our business remains micro sized but we have grown from 1,600 readers to three main subscription lists consisting of 13,947 subscribers.

Plus we are growing faster, in subscribers and income, than ever. As you will see below, our month on month internet sales, at a time that so many say is economically depressed, are up 41.78%.

Our list and sales are still tiny compared to our competitors and associates. Yet this number works perfectly for Merri and me…a fun sized readership. In our opinion, this should be the key in business…satisfaction…fulfillment and fun…through service.

Yet, profits matter as well.

Our internet sales alone have provided us with an average, extra $19,690.05 a month.

18 months ago I implemented a new shopping cart so I could better track sales.

Here is the sales report from that shopping cart showing month by month, the extra income received from internet only sales.

Month # of sales Sales in US$
January 2007 93 $20322.00
February 2007 27 $14964.00
March 2007 21 $ 7968.00
April 2007 41 $18981.98
May 2007 28 $ 8872.00
June 2007 30 $10131.99
Six Month Sub Total January-June 2007 $81,148

July 2007 37 $14670.00
August 2007 81 $16927.98
September 2007 115 $26094.34
October 2007 79 $24269.77
November 2007 59 $38539.20
December 2007 69 $37619.57

January 2008 64 $29771.99
February 2008 39 $12073.99
March 2008 44 $13155.00
April 2008 53 $23545.00
May 2008 39 $13836.00
June 2008 33 $15844.99
Six Month Sub Total January-June 2008 $115,058

The grand total of extra income from 987 sales was $354,421.80 or an average of $19,690.05 a month…extra.

Now you can learn everything I do to create this extra income and have fun and fulfillment in a micro publishing business. The syllabus of this course helps you learn how to find something that is fun, fulfilling and profitable for you to do and write about.

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