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Your own multi currency business, serving clients globally is a great way to protect against the falling US dollar, inflation and an economic downturn. The sun always shines somewhere.

This is why we are providing a FREE course on how to develop your own internet business written by Michelle Toole.

Here is lesson #25.

Hear this, hear this….Audio on Your Web Site

By Michelle Toole

There’s no doubt that using audio on your Web site can be very effective, whether the audio is used to…

• elicit newsletter subscriptions
• complete a sale
• establish a relationship with your visitors
• foster a sense of community
• encourage any other “call to action.”

Statistical studies show that when you use audio on your website it does the following: increases traffic, increases time that visitors spend on your website, builds a good relationship with your customers and increases sales. Sounds like you can’t go wrong with audio but you can……

If used improperly, audio can impede on your visitor’s ability to achieve your site’s MWR (Most Wanted Response). To maintain maximum impact, audio should be used sparingly, and only when it adds real value to your visitor’s experience. In fact, you should always ask yourself this important question…

Does the addition of sound to this Web page enhance my visitor’s experience and increase the likelihood of that visitor achieving my MWR — whether that MWR is a sale, a click-through to a partner site, a completed contact form, etc., etc?

If the answer is “no,” chances are that page does not need audio. Unless your audio message really enhances the experience of your visitor, it is highly unlikely that a user will find listening to more than one audio message very enticing. In other words, since your visitor may only listen to a single message, make sure every one counts!

Testing Your Results

Watch for visitor feedback, and observe long term trends — like increased traffic from repeat visits, higher open rates on your newsletters, a gradually increasing newsletter subscription rate, and increased revenue.

It’s easy to tweak and modify your audio once you get a little feedback.

Bottom line?

Using Web site audio can improve your bottom line, provided it is used wisely and sparingly. In every instance, make sure you know exactly what it is you wish to accomplish with your audio, and how it will contribute to your Most Wanted Response.

Look for my future articles where we discuss additional monetization options, search engine optimization, incoming links, additional e-zine techniques, link exchange programs and much more…..

You can check out Michelle’s web site at To get more great tips, like the ones above and to see how and what tools she used to create a successful on-line business go to

Until next message, good multi currency business to you!


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