Multi Currency Opportunity Grows

by | Jul 21, 2008 | Archives

Multi currency investing opportunity grows because everyone in the western world…has lost a basic essential of life…privacy. It’s human nature to regain what we perceive we have lost.  This fact creates opportunity.

Slowly…inexorably almost all aspects of our lives are less private.

This problem creates a great opportunity that can put POW in your portfolio.  More on POW in a moment.

We have gained a lot from the electronic era…but at the cost of losing privacy.

I do not like it.  Merri and I value privacy in our lives.  In fact at times even my house on the farm, isolated from everything, is not enough. I grab my MacBook Pro and head for my other offices…outdoors. I have several.

One amidst stately Black Locust trees.

Another is a leafy Maple glade.


At times when we want to be alone the most, Merri, Ma and I head for our stands of huge Hemlock on the farm.


This loss is a grave roots of life problem which means…great opportunity.

Privacy is a primeval portion of ever person’s underlying urge to survive.  What others do not know that you have, they cannot try to take away.  A loss of privacy leaves one vulnerable!  When people believe they are losing a fundamental safeguard like this, they respond, consciously or not.

People will make up for the privacy they no longer have.  Those who can figure out how this change will come can position their businesses and investments to profit from the shift.

I am sure that when the horse and buggy was at an end, many people lamented the downfall of the horse.  Henry Ford did not.  We should think the same way about any losses that occur.  We might not like loss, but if we recognize the reality, see what changes are coming and adapt; we can profit from the shift.

The change may be as simple as more people wanting more space like Merri and me, living in isolated places on big tracts of land…or perhaps much of the world will just want thicker curtains. I do not know…yet.

Todd Davis, CEO of LifeLock spotted this trend. He has a company that offers identity theft protection.  His advertising reveals his own Social Security number and claims he does so because he is absolutely confident that his service is protecting his good name and personal information.

That’s just one tiny way that someone is cashing in from our loss of privacy.

I am not sure what change will come but now I am thinking this way and am  looking for changes created by humanity’s privacy loss.

Do you have any ideas?


This adds a new dimension to investing thought called POW. There is enormous  opportunity when we put POW into our portfolios.   Privacy…Oxygen…Water.

We know that clean air and pure water are in short supply and are essential to our well being. Investing in these waves is a no brainer and we have been writing about these two opportunities for years.

How about adding privacy?

This is a different angle to the loss of privacy in the world.  Instead of lamenting days bygone, let’s figure out ways to profit from the change.  As parts of our lives lose protection, it is human nature to replace the loss in other ways.  Asking how mankind will respond to a less private world is good food for thought.

The loss of privacy by the way does not reduce our ability to be multi currency investors.  Fortunately, though bank privacy may be dead, overseas investing and multi currency protection are not!

For example, upcoming messages will look at some vastly improved investment (not privacy) services Jyske Bank is offering US citizens and residents. We are lucky that Jyske has decided to stick with Americans because this gives us some great ways to gain multi currency and asset protection.

We’ll look more about why this is happening and what to do about this in upcoming messages.

Until next message, may all your moments be filled with POW and opportunity.


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