Inflation Protection Guarantee

by | Jul 19, 2008 | Archives

Inflation protection guarantees are hard to find.

We have some baby ducks at the farm that can help.

What do ducks have to do with inflation? Nothing. Yet everything.


Here is the whole flock. Believe it or not, they do have an inflation message.

Inflation turns everything upside down. Safe investments like bonds become a greater risk. Inflation eats the purchasing power of bonds. Speculation and borrowing become safe. Only high risk returns and loans that become cheaper to pay off due to inflation, make sense.

However there is one way to always beat inflation. I wrote about it in June 2002 in a message entitled “Sunday’s Lesson from a Wild Duck.”

Since this is Sunday…may I repeat this message here. Just click on “Sunday’s Lesson from a Wild Duck.

This message is six years old but ageless. The content has nothing to do with inflation or investing but has everything to do with real riches and wealth…guaranteed even from inflation.