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by | Jul 10, 2008 | Multi Currency Investing

Multi currency business can inflation and help us eliminate worries about not affording retirement.

During our self declared week of Anti Panic I think it is worth going beyond multi currency business and investing to remember that most Americans began getting good advice about how to relax from as far back as 1955 from the spokesman of one of the most successful magazines in the world.

“What, Me Worry?” Alfred E. Neuman in Mad Magazine coined the phrase.

Alfred E Neuman

Silly? This wisdom is a lot less stupid than a lot of the daily bad stuff news…doom and gloom that shuts the creative flow and life energy down.

For reasons I am not sure, we stopped reading this magazine and switched to the dailies, weeklies and monthlies at an early age. Or worse, stopped we reading and began relying on TV NEWS.

Maybe we stopped reading Mad before the message “don’t worry so much” was totally drummed in. We became caught up in the world and here we are…suddenly decades have passed and we have forgotten this simple wisdom,”What, Me Worry?”

The papers would suggest that we have a lot to worry about.

Take the July 1st USA Today article “Goal for retirement saving rises” by Christine Dugas which says:
“With medical care and other costs soaring, the portion of their pre-retirement pay that Americans will need in retirement to keep the same standard of living is rising, financial planners say.

“For years, a common projection was that workers needed to replace 70% to 90% of their pre-retirement pay to maintain the same living standard in retirement. But now, as medical costs grow, life spans lengthen and fewer retirees receive pensions, financial planners say you’ll need more. Hewitt Associates is more pessimistic than most. New research that the consulting firm plans to release Tuesday projects that workers will need to replace, on average, 126% of their final pay in retirement. The study, based on 1.8 million employees with 401(k) plans that Hewitt administers, says only 19% of participants are on track to meet their retirement needs. About 67% of workers are expected to have less than 80% of their projected needs.”

“What, Me Worry?”

Only if you buy into the idea of retirement.

The idea of retiring sounds a lot like a rut to me and this reminds me of a comment in the book of Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s restaurant (I like his philosophy but not the food). ‘A rut is nothing but a grave with the ends kicked out!”

What, Me Worry about Inflation?

Nope. Though Merri and I start collecting Social Security this year, we also have and enjoy and are fulfilled by our businesses. The best way to beat inflation and enhance your fulfillment is to always be able to serve through business.

Businesses always beats inflation…by adjusting prices up.

This is why we are providing a FREE course on how to develop your own International internet business written by Michelle Toole. Read Michelle’s 23rd article.

Enjoy this weekend. Perhaps instead of relaxing with the Sunday papers or watching TV we should order a copy of Mad Magazine?

Perhaps creating ideas about our own self fulfilling business would be better, but if you read the papers or watch the TV news…expect some doom and gloom. When it comes, remember that advice from so long ago…”What, Me Worry” and enjoy living.


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