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Tranquil investing is important so this is our self declared Anti Panic Week.   We need tranquility because this is a period that could create anxiety times three.

Times of rapid change can make us anxious.

Wow, are we seeing changes now.

Times one: If you read the papers, everything seems bad!  Rising prices…falling dollars…illegal immigration…terrorism.  We seem to live in a different alien hostile world.

Times Two: Then there is the stock market…down and dropping.  Job losses are everywhere plus the sub prime loan mess.

Is this time to panic or not


This is a time of great opportunity!

However we cannot tap into the richness of this future if anxiety locks down our creativity!

This is especially true now because times three…is the summer heat! There is even more anxiety and anger when we are hot. Eastern hurricanes or drought, Midwest floods and Western fires can cause our anxiety to flair.

Anxiety shuts down our ability to survive and prosper during change, plus anxiety is not good for us!

A majority of the complaints in doctors’ offices today are related to stress including anxiety.

Writing prescriptions for sleeping pills or tranquilizers is the standard for MDs but this doesn’t solve the problem. In fact it produces even more anxiety in many cases.

Most anxiety comes when when we view change and pressure as burdens and threats.

Stress raises cholesterol, blood pressure, and lowers immunity. It kills brain cells, lowers IQ, and impairs memory and thinking. Cancer, heart disease, immuno-deficiency diseases and even the common cold are linked to stress. A study at Harvard, found that people with anxiety  were four times more likely to become ill.

Here are some nutritional, lifestyle and essential oil recommendations to help balance anxiety:

• Eat lots of sweet juicy fruits
• Favor sweet, bitter and astringent  tasting foods.  Greens and small beans such as lentils, for example.
• Drink a cup of warm milk with a small drop of real rose essential rose oil before bed.
• Cook with cooling spices such as cardamom, coriander, cilantro, and mint.
• Massage ears and feet every morning with coconut oil.  Have a full coconut oil massage if you can.
• Go to bed before 10:00 p.m.

Calming Essential Oils

There are many pure essential oils whose natural chemistry makes them excellent candidates for serving us as natural tranquilizers.

I use them daily, morning and night at the least…more on especially busy, high pressured days.
Essential oils work through the nose-brain connection, changing brain chemistry which goes out as messengers to receptor sites on cells throughout our body. Essential oils are lipid soluble so they also work through our skin into the blood steam. These are some of the reasons why essential oils can be natural tranquilizers for us…calming the mind and emotions…and relaxing the tissue of the body.
When using “aromatic medicine” for an increased sense of well being, it is paramount to notice how you FEEL when you are smelling an essential oil or combination of them. You don’t want to use ones that bring up unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Essential oils demand that we honor the individuality in each of us, because the sense of smell is so personal. This is one reason why they are so healing. Choose oils with aromas that really create soothing thoughts and feelings. It is also important that you use therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Some of the top ones are Lavender, Orange, Chamomile, Vetiver and Valerian.

Our friend and essential oil expert, Candace Newman, has created a “Natural Tranquilizer” formula of therapeutic grade pure essential oils.

Her formula contains Lavender, Orange, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver and Valerian oils in a base of 100% Organic Golden Jojoba.

This is all ready to use for massage, the bath and after shower. Just a touch to the nose, temples and back of neck at any time is quite calming.

There are several ways to use the formula to receive its benefits. It can be used for massage, in the bath and after the shower. A quick application to the nose, temples and back of neck can be done anytime and as often as you like.

If this combination does not appeal to you, choose a single oil or two.
Lavender, Orange, Geranium, Rose, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang are some good single choices.
Having a little 4 ml bottle of a pure oil in your pocket to use as an inhaler (5-7 deep breaths when feeling anxiety coming on) can become your best friend. Also put some on a cotton ball and tuck it close to your heart and lungs.
Essential oils are timeless and cross-cultural.
One of their best qualities is their natural ability to soothe our emotional state. Find “your aroma” and your life will change. 

Change is the only given in life.  As it comes we need to change but calmly.

As you change in life, “your aroma” will change too. This is part of the inherent beauty of all things true. Be gentle with yourself … life is precious.

You can order Candaces’ “Natural Tranquilizer” formula comes in a 1 oz amber bottle or a 4 oz cobalt bottle with a lock-pump top.


Candace is offering readers 10% off on both “Natural Tranquilizer” packages in the hot month of July

Learn more and see 14 other tranquilizing oils.

“Natural Tranquilizer” 4 oz cobalt bottle
These are truly wonderful times. The faster the change…the greater the opportunity.

I look forward to sharing the rich sights, sounds tastes, touches and smells of this opportunity with you.



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