Ecuador – Gary Scott Course Schedule 2nd Half 2008

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Gary Scott’s Course Schedule for the balance of 2008 in Ecuador and North Carolina is below.

We hope to see you at our hotel in Cotacachi Ecuador.


or here at our North Carolina farm


or on this beach in San Clemente, Ecuador.


Our next course will be held here at our North Carolina farm this August 15-17. Susan Stanton Rotman is going to be teaching this weekend seminar on developing intuition.  Our friend and astrologer Blaine Watson asked her how it was possible to teach people to be more intuitive.  This is what Susan replied.

“My goal is to help each individual become aware of and learn how to attune with their own inner knowing–finding and listening to the small still voice within–which we all have, but many of us have lost touch with.

My approach is to present some instruction, but even more important,  to work in group and individually with identifying the FEELING  of attunement, and then practicing it, through an inner felt sense, through the body, not the mind.

Then, once aware of that inner knowing, we need to  learn how to subsequently evaluate it with good judgment.

In my experience, the best way to access clear and reliable intuition is through the senses, not just with the senses–a subtle but important difference.

We will work with listening to the body, learning to tune in, being present to the process, observing the details, listening/feeling for the answers, and evaluating the information.  We will work with exercises and materials to help develop discernment, to identify what is authentic inuititve insight and how to avoid the traps (such as fear and high expectation).

Typical exercises include preparation through using breath to relax and raise awareness, psychometry practice,  sensing exercises to enhance perception (kinesthetic sense, visual sense, auditory sense), reading yourself and others, maybe some chakra balancing.

We will also address boundaries, psychic protection and feeling safe.  It is important to know yourself, know your space, and to know and have connections in the “real” world, for good balance between inner and outer, intuitive and rational.

In all of my work, I practice and teach coming from the heart, for the highest good of self and others.

All of this is the foundation–even for business intuition!  But I will also address business practices as well.”

This is a great time to get out of the summer heat and enjoy nature in the cool Blue Ridge.  The course is an absolute bargain as it includes food and accommodations.

See more details or enroll at Susan’s Course.

September offers three courses and tours beginning September 17 and ending September 29.

The Ecuador coastal real estate tour begins September 18, 2008.

September 22 we start the next Super Thinking & Spanish course.

The Imbabura real estate tour begins September 28 and 29.

October has two courses.

October 3-5 is our North Carolina International Business & Investing Made EZ Course

October 14 through 18 we have the Ecuador Import Export Tour

In November we have three courses and tours beginning November 7, 2008 and ending November 16.

The International Business and Investing Made EZ Course in Ecuador begins November 7, 2008.

The Imbabura real estate tour begins November 10 and ends the 11th.

The Ecuador Coastal tour begins when as a group we travel to Manta November 12 and tour the coast the 13th and 14th and part of the 15th returning the evening of the 15th to Quito.  November 16 we view Quito real estate.

See discounts for attending more than one course.

Find more detials or enroll in courses  below:

Ecuador Coastal-Quito Real Estate Tour


Ecuador Super Thinking + Spanish Course


Ecuador Imbabura Real Estate Tour


International Investing and Business Made EZ North Carolina


Ecuador Ecuador Import Export Course

International Investing and Business Made EZ Ecuador

We hope to see you!