International Investing and Business Made EZ & Fun

by | Jun 17, 2008 | Archives

International investing and business has proven to be profitable over the past 40 years.

More important than the profits is the fact that a global view gives broadened horizons, enhanced fulfillment and added fun!

For example, a recent message “Places to Love” shows that one of Merri’s and my criterion for international investing and business is that they be in places we love…such as Copenhagen and Ecuador.

The importance of every investor finding a path best suited personally as an individual is all too often ignored.

So when you think international investing and business…think fun!

Note my current  personal portfolio breakdown is:

Cash, Stocks & Bonds 38%
Agricultural Land 37%
Commercial Property 3%
Ecuador Property 22%

I do not have 62% of my international investments in real estate and 22% of that in Ecuador real estate because I think this is where I’ll make the best  profits.

I love investing in real estate.  I really enjoy being in Ecuador. I have a majority of my investments in property because…for me…this is fun!

Most of my international business is wrapped around research and writing…not because this makes more money than anything else but because Merri and I like it.

At the end of the day, our investments and businesses may enjoy a profit or suffer a loss. There is no risk free investment or business deal.

When we focus on doing what we love…we usually do better plus at the end of the day the one thing we cannot ever lose are pleasant memories.

I expect my investments to do very well…in part because I put a lot of passion and time into them…because I want to.  Yet if they do not…or if they take longer to come to fruition than expected that’s okay.

My international investing and business is a fun filed process..not just dull and boring numbers.

Your international investing and business will probably be better if yours is as well.

Until next message, good international investing and business to you.


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