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Vision and Distortions create opportunity with Ecuador real estate and more.

Our world turns on evolution…always has …always will.  Evolution is change.  When you embrace change, you get in the flow of nature.

We all know this but often have problems with the speed.  Change seems to be taking place faster now…or a least we are more aware of the rapid age of change.

As humans we are forced to face the future armed only with the weapons of the past.  We have one tool, though, that makes the human species vision….imagination.

We can use our logic and intuition to guess how the future might be.

One way to spark this vision is to look for distortions.

Recently this site shared how spotting distortions in London helped me start  building wealth in the 1970s.  See Beyond Multi Currency Investing if you missed this.

Any time I have failed to take advantage of distortions, I have kicked myself later!

In the 1980s I began taking real estate buying tours to the Isle of Man when there was a wonderful distortion. Isle of Man overseas companies did exactly the same thing as Jersey and Guernsey structures, but cost less than half.

This distortion led me to believe that the Isle of Man would increase in popularity as a financial center. While visiting I discovered that a long depression had forced over 2,000 properties onto the Island real estate market (population was only 60,000).

We rented a 130 acre farm with almost a mile of ocean front and a wonderful white washed, thick walled four bedroom farm house that was for sale. We loved the ocean views from the living room and kitchen, felt cozy sitting by the roaring fire and enjoyed taking the kids for long walks along the rugged coastal scene dotted with seals.

The owners were asking 55,000 pounds (about $82,5000) and we offered 50,000 pounds ($75,000). They would not budge down, and I was not motivated enough to go higher. The Isle of Man did boom and I heard recently that farm sold not long ago for a million pounds (1.5 million dollars).

This is why I have been zeroing in on Ecuador real estate. Several facts are exciting. The first is the fact that one sixth of the U.S. population now lives in a county that abuts either the Atlantic or Gulf Coast. This has been the largest, richest migration in the history of mankind and the crowds along the U.S. coast create many severe social problems. Plus prices for such land has risen dramatically.

Second, there is a huge movement of people into warmer, sunny parts of the U.S. which places enormous strain on resources, water, air quality, etc. Prices in these areas are rising as well.

Just 3 hours and 45 minutes from Miami (a little more from Houston) Ecuador is the only source of direct sunlight 365 days a year and has miles and miles of empty beaches on the Pacific coast and millions of acres of spring like weather in the Andes. Prices are a fraction of what one pays in the U.S.

Sound outrageous? It’s not. Readers and I have been looking and buying distortions for thirty years. Opportunity still exists.

Take for example, Colonial Quito real estate.  You can learn about large, totally renovated condos in Quito’s old city for as little as $83,900.

These are the condos.

With this view from the patio.

And this interior.

Learn more about these condos at Colonial Quito real estate for sale.

We’ll look at this and other similar projects in our next Coastal-Quito real estate tour.  See Coastal Real Estate Tour

This is also why have been focusing on the $79,000 condos in San Clemente on Ecuador’s coast.

This is a project of just over 60 units on 12 acres.

Here is a shot from club house dining room (the club house is totally completed).


Here is a shot of the construction of the condos just behind the club house which you can see on the beach in the foreground.

I wrote about this project in February and the developer received over 100 emails and reserved nearly half the project.  See Ecuador Beach Condos Introduction.
and this last Monday I worte about it at Ecuador Beach Property Opportunity

I mentioned the project again and the developer Kjetil Haugan just wrote to say,

“How are you? I have received approx. 100 emails the last two day from people who are interested in the development so I hope any other readers you have will get back to me as soon as possible with what they like so I can reserve units for them.”

Kjetil’s email is

To see the units still available go to to Vistazul for more information.

The wonderful thing about vision and distortions is that there is always change. This means there is always a future.  And this means there is always opportunity for those with vision.

Until next message, may your visions always be clear.

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