Opportunity in Change

by | Jun 7, 2008 | Archives

The next few years will be filled with problems and this creates unprecedented opportunity for those who embrace change.

The key assets required are open mindedness, flexibility, imagination, energy, broad horizons, perseverance, vitality and faith in oneself.

We also need to be comfortable and enjoy what we are doing.

Pleasure is one of Western cultures’ least appreciated success tools.

The sensation we call pleasure  changes our brain chemistry in less than a second. Neuroscientist, Candace Pert, has proven that this emotional response creates corresponding brain chemistry that has receptor sites on cells throughout the body. Cells create tissue.

So, angry emotion…angry tissue. Stressed emotions…stressed tissue. Happy emotions…courtesy of pleasure…happy….healthier cells.

So I know if I force myself to run on a treadmill every day inside a square box of a room (no pleasure for me), it will not do as much good as hiking in nature’s glory like this.


Hiking the Blue ridge with Merri and our daughter Francesca.


Bike riding the Virginia Creeper Trail (17 minutes from our farm) with Merri and our daughter Eleanor.

Being in nature fill me with pleasure and wonder.

I can lift dumbells all day long in a gym, but that’s just not fun for me.

Yet I can jump in my pickup and attack these overgrown woods with this six pounds.


Boys toys!


Turn these woods on our farm


into this.

This does more for my strength than any weight lifting..not to mention my overall health.  Plus I gain a feeling of accomplishment.  We need to pursue our passions to protect our bodies and good health!

Then to see what the future holds and have the wherewithal to profit from it, we have to protect our minds and hearts by ignoring as much bad news that floods the media as we can.

Then we have to immunize ourselves from the sentiments and instabilities of the establishment that we cannot miss.

All of this requires good health and constant touch with reality.

This is why each month we write an article about an essential oil.  They can be the vaccine that protects us from the daily, useless rubbish and trash that the media slams us with. For example I recently learned that an Austrian kept his daughter hidden and pregnant in a basement for decades.

What possible good did that knowledge bring? How much did I gain from the time spent learning this?  What damage did the disgust and profound sadness for this girl do to my health?

How does such knowledge make us better, happier, healthier, more balanced  people ready to deal with the challenges of our evolving world?

Essential oils can provide the remedy that brings us back to a pleasurable balance.

Essential oils are refined purity…each revealing some honest aspect of nature…the beauty of the rose…bite of lemon…or the sweetness of jasmine.  Whatever the oil…pure essentials are reality refined.   When we inhale their truth or absorb it though our skin, their natural sincerity and pure strength communicate some frankness at the deepest levels of our existence.

Essential oils balance us and help maintain or return our health to us with a candid power that we cannot express in words or understand with our minds…but we know instantly with our heat and soul.

What is the greatest gift? Even the three wise men took Baby Jesus essential oils. That was no accident.

Essential oils can bring pleasure in one whiff!

This pleasure supports a healthy immune system (due to its natural chemistry, most essential oils are anti-bacterial and anti fungal) from a physiological response via the nose-brain connection. The aromatic molecules travel up the nose, connect to the olfactory nerves, and have a direct path to the emotional part of the brain. This creates a positive emotion which communicates with every cell in the body via neurotransmitters in a flash.

This is why Merri and I use essential oils every day, the day through. We massage our feet every morning with essential oil…rose to open the heart…

This is also why each month I include a message about an essential oil offered by our friend of over thirty years, Candace Newman.

This month Candace writes:

As John and I celebrate the 16th year of our company we are delighted to introduce our new OLA Comfort Care Pak, specifically designed to bring comfort into the world.
At these challenging times, essential oils are among the easiest things to use and are less expensive than most medicines. They are ancient medicine coming back into their own. Aromatherapy is a self-empowering tool. It helps us through transitions, and puts a sense of control back in our lives.
This comfort pak is for all of us! Each formula has a story behind it and the pak is dedicated to all of you who use this to comfort yourselves and loved ones. It is time for comfort … and therapeutic-grade essential oils know how to provide it!

The comfort Pac contains:

* Lavender Mist – contains pure essential oil of Lavender in a base of purified water, aloe and vegetable glycerin. Make big circular clouds of this aromatic delight around the head and face anytime … for a breath of fresh air, sense of comfort and a calm spirit.

* Rejuvenation Face Gel – our proprietary formula of pure essential oils of Sandalwood, Patchouli, Frankincense, Geranium, Rose otto; in our aloe and Organic Golden Jojoba base. These ancient oils are for calming the spirit and soothing the skin.

* Pure Lavender Essential Oil – Inhale from the bottle. Put 2-3 “taps” on a cotton ball. Tuck in a pillow or pocket. This is the #1 Oil of Balance for the central nervous system. It is the river of peace.

* OLA Four Blend – Lavender and Rose otto in Organic Golden Jojoba is our gentlest formula … Rose is the Oil of the Heart. Apply some to your nose, temples, and back of neck. It is perfect for a gentle hand massage and is great in your bath.

Sincerely, Candace Newman

Candace is taking 10% off the $39.95 price for the month of June for Garyascott.com subscribers and all of us can also take 10% off all purchases from June 1 to 14.

You can order the LA Comfort Pac from Candace for $35.95 during this June offer


P.S.  Another way to adapt to change is to connect our logical minds with our intuition.

This is also why in August we are sponsoring an intuition course and adding sessions on how to be healthy through natural exercise and nutrition.

Join us at the intuition course

Enjoy the beauty and nature at our farm.