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The best way to beat inflation and live longer is to always be able to serve through business.

This is why we are providing a FREE course on how to develop your own internet business written by Michelle Toole.

Here is Michelle’s 20th lesson.

SOCIAL BOOKMARKING, what it is and how can it benefit YOUR web site.

Simply put, “Social Bookmarking is the practice of saving bookmarks to a public web site and “tagging” them with keywords.”

To create a collection of Social Bookmarks yourself, you first register with a Social Bookmarking site (, etc…) which lets you store bookmarks from web sites of your choice, add tags of your choice, and designate individual bookmarks as public or private.  Visitors to Social Bookmarking sites can search for resources by keyword, person, or popularity and see the public bookmarks and tags that registered users have created and saved.”

This is not the same as Bookmarking on your computer.  Bookmarking on your computer saves the information onto your hard drive which is not accessible by any other individual.

So is Social Bookmarking useful for your web site?

You betcha… Social Bookmarking users are looking for valuable information. Since your web site pages provide exactly that, people will want them.  And if they think your pages are worth sharing, they’ll bookmark and tag them for others to find and use thus creating a kind of viral effect.

The first thing you do when setting out to take advantage of the Social Bookmarking network is to set up your profile on any of the social bookmarking web sites (ie… or  Next, start bookmarking quality information related to your web site theme.  At the same time, you will bookmark some of the pages to your web site since you know they also have quality information.  But beware don’t add all your pages as public bookmarks. You’ll be accused of spamming the site. You’ll be banned or, worse, people will start tagging your pages with the “spam” tag, which is the kiss of death in bookmarking circles.

If you KEEP IT REAL and provide real value to social bookmarking searchers, and if you DO NOT abuse these resources, there may be some nice rewards. A snowball effect helps more people find your pages, which in turn leads to more people finding them.
You (and others) can also receive an RSS feed of other users’ bookmarks. When you add bookmarks, they learn about them automatically, and can add those pages to their bookmarks. This is viral marketing at its most exciting.

Bottom line?

Social Bookmarking is a good linking strategy if you’re prepared to work at it until you’re over the “trustworthiness” hump, which means other Social Bookmarkers see you as an authentic resource and not just someone “pushing” their web site.   Approach this properly and you will have a valuable addition to your regular linking strategies and help drive additional traffic to your web site.

Look for my future articles where we discuss additional monetization options, search engine optimization, incoming links, e-zines, link exchange programs and much more…..

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