Beat Inflation with Business

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The best way to beat inflation is to always be able to serve through business.

Businesses always beats inflation…by adjusting prices up.

This is why we are providing a FREE course on how to develop your own International internet business written by Michelle Toole.

While I am in Mexico speaking at an International Living course we are sharing
a series of Michelle’s lessons.

I return Monday  June 2, 2008

Here is Michelle’s 18th lesson:

Do My Readers Really Care Who I Am?

How important are you, the writer, to your readers?  Do they really care who you are or why you built your web site?

We have all seen the “About Us” button on a web site and if you have a web site you might even have one, but how important are they? And what’s the real value of such a page? And, of course, the all-important question, do you know how to maximize its value?

Well, after reading an article by Bryan Eisenberg called  “The Power of the About Us Page”, I am sold on the importance as well as the advantages of sharing a piece of yourself with your reader.

According to Bryan, an “About Us” page is a tremendous opportunity to cement a relationship with many prospective customers. It can put a human face on an otherwise technical, dry, and impersonal page. Properly written, it can provide some serious buying resolve to certain customer segments.

Humans want to connect with other humans. That’s easy to forget in a transaction-focused business world, but consider’s explosive success. What’s MySpace if not a massive collection of “About Me” pages?” It’s simple building a business is about building relationships.

In his article, Bryan also shares the most common “About Us” page mistakes:

* “You tell what you do, instead of who you are.” Remember, this is your opportunity to connect with your reader.  They already know “what you do”, what they actually want is to know the person or persons behind the product.

*   “The content is thoughtless.” Taking paragraphs from various pages on your web site to create an “About Us” page is not going to endear you to your reader.  It is likely going to irritate those few readers that wanted to know more about YOU!

*    “Where are the people?” Too few companies actually include photos on their “About Us” page.  Photographs of your writers, you or just fun office photos can add a tremendous amount of interest to your web site.  It adds that personal touch, a face behind the name.

*    “The “About Us” page needs an enema.” Long winded, boring, technical “About Us” pages do nothing for your reader or your business.  Instead, show your readers how passionate you are about your business and why you do what you do.

Bottom Line……….

Not every customer wants to know more about you, but don’t disappoint those who do.

Writing an “About Us” page that focuses on the human aspect of your business could result in higher conversion from those who encounter it and that could mean more money in your pocket!

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