Multi Currency Equity Investments – Magnificent Seven

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Multi Currency Equity Investments – Magnificent Seven

Our multi currency portfolios are all rising.  Last week’s message on Multi Currency Investment Forces introduced seven shares we track that rose from November 2007 to March 2008. This was a time of global equity loss.

Plus we looked at the importance of buying real estate now. See exciting news below about this condo development.


First let’s look at these seven multi currency shares again.

Share                                     Currency Roots

Samsung Electronics-GDR COM          Japanese Yen
Adidas AG                                           US Dollar
Vestas Wind Systems                          Danish kroner
Kurita Water Industr.                           Japanese yen
Hyflux Ltd                                           Singapore dollar
ABB Ltd                                                Swiss franc
Novo Nordisk B                                   Danish kroner

I described these companies as having currency roots.  Though each may have an ultimate headquarters in Tokyo, New York or Zurich, it would be a mistake to view the shares of any one of these companies as an investment in any one currency.

With the exception of Hyflux, these are truly global firms that earn income in ay currencies.  Hyflux is more regional in the Middle East and Asia.

We are looking at details of each of these shares in our multi currency course but here can see an important general fact. Four of the seven shares are heavily involved in the environmental filed.

The success of these shares fortifies a recent message about Green Investing Ideals.

That message was about  Dr. James Lovelock, a scientist, author, researcher, environmentalist, and futurist who is considered the Godfather of climate change science.  Though controversial, so far everything he has predicted has come true.  Two of of his recommendations for green investing are  to “focus on innovation not conservation” and  “invest in technology”.

We are looking at details of each of these shares in our multi currency course.

Today’s multi currency update in that course reviews ABB Ltd, one of the world’s leading engineering companies. ABB has zoomed ahead specializing in effective electrical power that increases industrial productivity in a sustainable way.

Our Infrastructure Portfolio invested $50,000 in ABB shares in November 2007. That investment was worth $52,005 last week, an increase of 4% during the last six months which have been among the most difficult for equity markets in decades.

See more details about ABB Ltd. shares.

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