Multi Currency Notes – Bank Transfer Risks

by | May 19, 2008 | Archives

Multi currency investing is complicated by bank transfer risks.

Yet we must prevail because bank transfer risks are everywhere as you can see below.

An even bigger risk is inflation and the risk of losing your purchasing power if you do not hold multi currency portfolios.

Last month a multi currency message at this site looked at the growing “need to know” dilemma banks (and hence their clients) are facing.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to transfer money from one bank to another without proving the source.

If you missed that message read it at Multi Currency Banking Problem.

That message was written after I had transferred a down payment to my
attorney to buy some condos on Ecuador’s  beach.

My attorney’s bank refused to release the funds until I proved the source of funds.

My bank in Denmark, who wired the money in the first place, kindly sent an email stating that the funds had come from my pension account.  This did not satisfy the Quito bank.

Finally after more than two weeks, and only after my Ecuador attorney threatened to take legal action, were the funds finally paid.

“What is going on?”, I asked.

After checking around it has become evident that the first problem is that governments worldwide have decided they must know more about the flow of money to help them prevent terrorism.

The second problem is that these governments have placed the burden of this tracking on banks.

The third problem is that no one has made it clear how banks should do this.

The fourth problem is that every bank has then decided its own way of doing this and not trained their staff well.

The fifth problem is that this hodge podge of commercial regulation has created enormous confusion.  For example, one Canadian banker stated that nothing had changed. He could not understand why funds were being delayed.  Another Canadian banker told me that Latin America was on a prohibited list and funds could not be wired to Ecuador.

Probably what this means is that one Canadian bank wires money to Latin America all the time.  Another may have had a problem and will not.

This appears to be a “catch as catch can” situation and whether your money flows easily depends on what combination of banks you have chosen and which employees within those banks handle your transaction.

Delays add freezing of funds and can take place for international or even local transactions for a variety of reasons.

For example, one reader sent this note after the last message about this problem:

“How frustratingly typical!  I opened a basic stock trading account with an
online broker as I wasn’t 100% happy with my existing one. Today two days later they put a block on my new account, and sent me an email about there being a ‘negative public record’ on me.

“It turns out that some other dude with the same name as me, nine years ago, was indicted on charges of laundering money and other wild and roguish things.

“Now let’s remember that the word ‘indicted’ doesn’t actually mean ‘convicted’- just formally charged.  It appears that even being indicted (ACCUSED) of something is enough for this provision to kick-in.

“Let’s be clear here that this is just someone with the same name as me who nine years back in the same state was CHARGED with something. I say ‘same state’ although I did not even visit this state where I live now until three years after the indictment.

“It took me weeks to regain access to my account. Lucky my name wasn’t James Smith which is the most common combination of first and last names in the USA”


Since having my problem in Ecuador, my attorney there wrote the following:

“I just talked to my bank officer.  When the amount is higher than $50,000 it is necessary to justify the origin of the funds.  To do this the bank requires an official letter from your bank stating that the amount you are wiring has been deducted from your account.  You can scan this letter and email it to me.

“A second option is to just email me a scanned copy of your account report where it is shown that the amount has been wired from this account.  Of course,  I feel this is an invasion to your privacy, so I suggest to go for the first option.

“Another way to do it is to transfer the money in separate wires (different dates as well) of lower amounts than $50,000.”

So here is what I am doing.  When I am about to make a transfer, first if it is reasonable send less than $50,000. For example right now I am making a
$76,000 condo payment.

I first informed my sending banker what the wire is for.  I outlined the entire transaction and why I am sending the way I am.

Clear communication in advance is my plan.

Second, I informed my attorney and asked her to contact her banker and let him know everything in advance and make sure this is all okay…to ask if he wants anything else in advance.

When I received the okay reply, I wired $35,000. Once my attorney has confirmed receipt of these funds, I’ll wire the next $36,000.

I’ll let you know how this goes.

Until then, let me read your horror stories on transferring funds.  Better still let me know your solutions.


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