Beyond Multi Currency Investing

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Multi currency investing now requires more than just investing in various currencies

In the “good old days” (1970s-80s) multi currency investing was easy. The US government was conducting a “Guns and Butter” policy that cost more than the government’s income. The political idea was great…spend now…let the next government worry about the payback…if you are a short term thinker.

Good or not politically it was bad economically and the deficit spending caused the US dollar to fall versus industrialized currencies where governments (especially Germany and Japan) were more fiscally prudent.
Then the prudent governments learned deficit spending as well…Germany to finance the buy back of East Germany….Japan to bail out an economic meltdown.

Other (most in fact) governments hopped on the deficit spending band wagon as well.

So today, one great social economic problem everyone faces is the destruction of purchasing power of many currencies, all over the world, all at the same time.

Investing in the play ground of currencies now is like trying to choose the rising tetter totter on te playground, when all all the teeter totters are going downhill on a slide.

We are living in global inflation.

For most people, this is bad.

Yet inflation creates fortunes for those who know what to do.

There are three multi currency ways to profit and stay ahead of inflation. Multi currency investments in distorted shares….distorted commodities and distorted real estate.

There was a smilar time of inflation in the 1970s. In 1970 I lived in London for a year, then moved to Hong Kong. During that time I also maintained a home north of San Francisco, in Petaluma, California. I had also purchased a house and some duplexes in Portland.

This was a time of great inflation. My homes in California, Portland and in Hong Kong appreciated mightily. In 1976, when I moved from Hong Kong back to London, I noticed that London real estate was priced about the same as it had been in 1970. This puzzled me. Why had London property prices remained flat despite inflation?

On investigation, I learned that there had been a huge real estate crash in 1970 continued to distort and dampen real estate prices six years later despite the rampant global inflation.

Then at the same time, the British pound collapsed suddenly over 35% versus the U.S. dollar from 2.4 dollars per pound to a new all time low of 1.00 dollar per pound. To my way of thinking London houses, which I thought were already very cheap by world standards, just became 50% cheaper.

I could not resist and began property shopping and eventually bought a five bedroom house in Bedford Park in West London. I made a 10,000 pound down payment and took a 25,000 pound loan to meet the 35,000 pound asking price.

First, I was right. London property had been underpriced. I was able to sell the house four years for 115,000 Pounds. I made a profit of 80,000 pounds. But the currency change helped enormously too. The pound had risen to over 2.2 dollars per pound. My 80,000 pound profit was now worth $176,000. I earned extra profit because of currency moves!

There is much we can learn about distortions that create real money, international purchasing power and how they affect currencies, inflation and property prices. This study is a classic example of how real money moves versus currencies that have been adulterated by governments.

In this case, property was the real money. Residential property is a classic hedge in times of inflation and currency destruction because it always offers a real service of value, i.e. a home for one to live.

This real money was distorted downwards by a local real estate crash. Most British real estate buyers were not aware how inflation had pushed real estate prices up in other countries. The low real estate prices were not caused because of a greater supply of British land nor were British builders more efficient nor were British building materials more abundant. British homes were cheaper only because of the crash.

Then prices really became cheaper when the pound crashed. I was lucky to buy when the British pound was low.

This did not last long. Overseas buyers (like myself) caught on to the cheap prices and Americans, Japanese and Arabs began buying London homes. Prices soared. So much money flowed into Britain that the pound rose as well.

As is usually the case the pound and real estate had been oversold at its bottom, so that it rose dramatically. The effect on my house resale was simply wonderful.

The period of dramatic inflation and currency turmoil in the 1970s was similar to now. Plus we now have a real estate crash and a potentially oversold currency.

I am not suggesting to invest in London now. Prices are distorted there yes, but on the high side. I looked in the area where I bought and sold that house (which was 11 Rupert Rd). #2 Rupert Road, similar to the one I bought and sold, is now for sale, described as “a rare opportunity to purchase a large property located in Bedford Park”. The asking price is $5.4 million dollars!

Here is that house. Not much to my way of thinking for 5.4 million.


This means that it makes sense to fight inflation by looking for disorted down real estate bargains.

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