Multi Currency Portfolio Update #16 Summary

by | May 14, 2008 | Multi Currency Investing

Multi Currency Portfolio Update #16 Summary

Multi Currency Portfolio Update #16 of the six multi currency investment portfolios show that all the portfolios continue to rise and reviews two important lessons.

The first multi currency lesson comes from the dollar short non leveraged portfolio which is recovering more slowly than the other five portfolios.

The update shows why non leveraged multi currency portfolios drop more slowly but also recover more slowly.

The update also explains why current rumors are fueling ups and downs of the US dollar versus the euro.

The euro has enjoyed an enormous run ups shown in a five year chart.
However dollar strengthening in Jan 2005 and 2006 is shown that can wipe out high leverage multi currency speculators.
The moral of the lesson is diversify and play interest differentials instead of forex shifts.

The update shows how my personal multi currency spread will be after purchasing more real estate See more on this at Cotacachi real estate – large homes

The multi currency spread will be:
Euro Zone
euro 10.0%
Danish kroner 7.0%
Swedish kroner 3.0&
British pound 3.0%
Norwegian Kroner 1.0%

Dollar Zone
US dollar 4.0%
Canadian dollar 3.0%
New Zealand dollar 2.0%
Australian dollar Negligible

Emerging Zone

Turkish lira 2.0%
Hungarian florin 2.0%
Brazilian real 1.0%

Plus the multi currency update shows the typical yield of short term government backed bonds in the various currencies.

Danish kroner 5.14%
Norwegian kroner 5.34%
Swedish kroner 4.62%
euro 4.18%
Brit. pound 4.21%
US dollar 2.75%

These interest differentials is why I more in the euro zone and am adding Norwegian kroner as I reduce euro.

Another reason the portfolios we track are rising is that each has at least one powerful share that, during the down turn of the last six months, rose. They are shown in the update.

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