Cotacachi Ecuador Hospitality

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Cotacachi Ecuador hospitality is special because it is so genuine.

Cotacachi and Ecuador are both special places. What makes them most special is the Ecuadorian people who really care.

Several years ago Merri and I discovered that Cotacachi’s Hotel El Meson de las Flores, was about to be closed due to an unpaid bank loan.

We had, years before, formed the Land of the Sun Foundation to help the poor of Ecuador. The foundation’s goal is to help create employment so we bought the hotel to keep it going in the heart of Cotacachi.

We knew we were buying a hotel but little did we know we were getting a family as well.

The hotel El Meson staff stayed on and the place practically runs itself. We hear repeatedly from guests how much they love the hospitality and how the staff makes them feel right at home.

The staff of El Meson make those who stay with them feel at home because they care. This caring and the hospitality goes beyond business as well. This was proven again on Mother’s Day when the hotel of our little Ecuador hotel sent this note.

“Good mornign señora Merri

Today is the mother´s day, and we have a special mom here in el mesón de las flores.

(But, now she is in NC je je)

Thank you for all your help to us and to our families.


Att, El mesón staff”

They sent this card along as well.


We see their caring and hospitality every day. Shortly after we started with our Ecuador family, they renovated all the rooms…by hand..fixing all the hardwood floors

Cotacachi hotel El Meson de las Flores

Cotacachi hotel El Meson de las Flores

They began flying flags of all nations at the hotel entrance. Everyone is welcome.


The redid the bathrooms.

Hotel-El-Meson-de-las-Flores-bathtubs Hotel-El-Meson-de-las-Flores-hardwood

Fixed a mural in the inner dining room that tells the Cotacachi story.


And they welcome all our guests with cake. It is special cake too made of healthy high protein quinoa. Never would our family say, “let them eat bread.”


They planted flowers in the walk ways.

and started serving free lunches to school children.


Again and again I hear, from those who visit and or move to Cotacachi and to Ecuador, about the sweetness of Ecuador.

I hope you’ll come see it so you can believe it as well.


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