Multi Currency Investing for 40 Years

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Multi currency investing began for me May 2, 1968. That day, 40 years later, passed so quietly that I forgot. May seems to be an auspicious month for me because May 12th was vital in shaping my multi currency investing attitudes three years later as well.

So let me share 40 years of multi currency investing for the next few moments with you.

First, before we look at where to place your multi currency investing now, if you have not already done so, please read about my international investment beginning.

There have been many thrills over 40 years that go way beyond money. One of the biggest is sharing a majority of this time with Merri. Here is a shot our son took of us on the Pacific beach.


Second, check out my May 1971 story…International Investments – Why the US Dollar May Fall More

Another 40 year thrill has been watching our five children become global as well!


Top left to right, Franny (Swaziland), Ellie (London), Cinda (Oregon) , Cheri (Florida), my mom and Jake (Bristol).

I hope you read the two pages linked above. They are important background as well. From them, you know why I invest in multi currencies.

However knowing which currencies to hold now is important. The question this multi currency reader just sent explains why.

He wrote:

“Gary, I wish to hold cash outside of the us dollar. I am now holding euros; however I expect the euro to lose against the us dollar. So I will convert from euro to something else. But what will appreciate against both euros and dollars? I am considering the Norway krona due to their oil and well funded pension system. Have you considered the Norway currency? What have been your most recent thoughts on Norway currency? I love hearing your thoughts on currencies.”

The philosophy in the two linked messages above is entangled with the ideas below.

Multi currency investing, as opposed to currency trading and speculation, is not just about picking the currency that are about to rise in value.

The fundamentals of multi currency investing go way beyond money. This is why another of my really big thrills over the last 40 years are the grandchildren. Here is our youngest with my mom. They are both a thrill!


The fundamentals for good multi currency investing include:

#1: Lifestyle.
#2: Relationship of asset value to lifestyle expenditures now.
#3: Relationship of asset value to lifestyle expenditures in the future.
#4: Time available to participate in portfolio management.
#5: Risk tolerance, risk emotional tolerance, plus personality and experiential preference.
#6: Interest rates and interest rate differentials and diversification.
#7: Your existing portfolio, fee and tax structure in relationship to changes in global parameters and all the other six parameters above.

Having said this, my personal portfolio currently has the approximate multi currency breakdown at this time.

Cash, Stocks & Bonds

US dollar 12.0%
Euro 10.0%
Danish kroner 7.0%
Swedish kroner 3.0%
Canadian dollar 3.0%
British pound 3.0%
Turkish lira 2.0%
Hungarian florin 2.0%
New Zealand dollar 2.0%
Brazilian real 1.0%
Norwegian Kroner 1.0%
Australian dollar Negligible

Cash, Stocks & Bonds Percentage of Portfolio Total 46%

Real Estate
Agricultural Land 37%
Commercial Property 3%
Ecuador Property 14%

Real Estate Total Percentage of Portfolio 54%

However, I have current commitments that will reduce my dollar cash position from 12% to 8% and increase my Ecuador real estate to 18%.

Plus I am negotiating on another transaction that would reduce my dollar cash position from 8% to 4% and increase my Ecuador real estate to 22%.

Over the weeks ahead we will look in more detail at the whys and how of my multi currency portfolio in the hopes it will help you understand your portfolio and and multi currency investing better.

Until then, good multi currency investments and business to you.

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One of my 40 year thrills has been getting to bring ancient wisdom from te Andes to the Blue Ridge. Here is a shaman mingo we conducted at our North Carolina farm.


Here is another of my 40 year thrills…our grandson with us at our North Carolina farm.

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