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by | May 3, 2008 | Archives

A global health secret is also a key to good multi currency investing that relates to investing comfort.

Good multi currency investing requires physical, mental and emotional balance so you have confidence in the decisions you make.  Yet this issue is almost always missed!

In this day and age of the falling dollar everyone really needs multi currency portfolios.
This means we have to make multi currency decisions based on almost infinite factors that we do not know.  How can we know the world and the billions of events that create the forces that push currencies up and down?

We cannot know it all…ever.

Plus we have to make these decisions in an atmosphere of accelerating change.

Confidence and comfort in face of the unknown are essential to good multi currency investing.

Without comfort, investors tend to over trade…sell their good investments too soon and hold their bad investments too long.

Merri and I work hard to reman comfortable…watching our nutrition…getting plenty of exercise and sunshine.

When in Ecuador I hike the mountains with our hound dog Ma.

In the Blue Ridge Merri and hike the woods…with Ma.


and ride bikes down the Virgina Creeper Trail.


Plus each morning after meditation, yoga and a steam I jump in cold water..or at least have a cold shower.


All this helps maintain our balance and comfort because we other wise work too much in our heads.

Plus we have numerous secret comfort weapons…such as aromatherapy and music.  Hearing, touch and smell have vital impact on how you think and feel.

How you think and feel have a vital impact on how you invest.

This is why the ideas in the article below on aromaterapy from our friend and essential oil guide, Candace Newman, are important to know.

Essential Oils for Comfort
Candace Newman

“One of the many reasons people want essential oils in their lives right now, is because of the “comfort” they provide us. Whether it is comfort from physical or emotional “dis-comfort” … essential oils deliver the goods!

Dr. Daniel Penoel, a French MD and naturopath, is a leading medical Aromatherapist in the world. I have had the pleasure of hearing him speak several times. He explains the basic three methods in the practice of Aromatherapy. The English style is centered around relaxing and health-promoting massages with essential oils diluted in base oils.

The German interest is primarily on the effects of aroma through inhalation. The emphasis in France is on the internal use of essential oils. The medical schools in France include essential oils as medicine in their program. Internal use is not to be taken lightly, and should be prescribed by a physician.

Whichever the method of use, the goal and result is still about obtaining some form of comfort. Pure therapeutic high-grade essential oils have this ability. Their natural chemistry can be anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and much more.

For physical comfort, address the cause and the symptoms. For emotional stress, it is paramount to use an aroma that your REALLY like! You can feel the results instantaneously.

A quick study for starters: (1) Lavender is the #1 Oil of Balance for emotional stress, and physical pain. Tea Tree is also a known physical pain reliever.

(2) Eucalyptus is a top decongestant for respiratory issues.

(3) Peppermint is excellent for fatigue, stomach and head aches.

(4) Emotional comfort is unique to the individual’s memory and personal “taste” with an aroma. Top choices are Lavender, Orange, Geranium, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, and Rose.

Our nose-brain response to aromatic molecules changes our emotions and our brain chemistry. This “comfort” is one of the things they do best. Be aware: Essential oils can become your best friends, and you won’t leave home without them!

See our “comfort idea” for you in “This Month’s Spotlight”. Be gentle with yourself…life is precious.

My theory of three is that in order to get the full medicine and message from essential oils, there were three forms of use. Mists are for the gentle wash and breath of fresh air that instantly comforts us. Blends are for massage and baths, and their straight pure form is best for inhalation and diffusers.

Speaking of comfort, I will always remember the comfort the Lavender and Rose OLA # Four Blend gave me on my Mother’s passing. I just got off the phone with a customer who was on her way to her father’s passing at Hospice. Armed with her mists and blends, they will be comforted together.”

One of Candace’s great essential oil comfort products is Rejuvenation Face Gel that contains Frankincense, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Geranium and Rose Otto in Organic Golden Jojoba and Aloe.

Candace tells us that her 2 oz amber glass jar of Rejuvenation Face Gel retails for $35.95 and she sells more of this by far than anything else…every year.  Men  tell Candace it’s their best after shave and bald head gel.

One of her clients from Texas wrote:”Your Rejuvenation Face Gel is great for my face, however, the aroma has become a major anti-anxiety comfort to me. I can’t be without it. Please send two jars!”

You can order a 2 oz. amber glass jar of Rejuvenation Face Gel for $39.95

Until next message, may you find comfort in everything you do.


P.S. Here are more quotes from Candace’s clients.  We use her essential oils every day.

Candace’s Customers Report:

From North Carolina: “The introduction of Aromatherapy into my life has caused some significant and beneficial changes, particularly The Good Medicine Tin®. I take them everywhere with me – I wouldn’t be without them!.”

From Massachusetts: “Your Lavender-Rose Mist has been very comforting for me during the stress of moving into my new house and dealing with the heat. I spray myself, and my pillow, and get a good night’s sleep.”

From Florida: “We use all your mists to keep us cool at the pool. I keep them, and rolled up soaked washcloths in the refrigerator. They cool and refresh us.”

You can order a 2 oz. amber glass jar of Rejuvenation Face Gel for $39.95