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Cotacachi activity information ranges from continual parades to the Cotacachi Cup.

Many readers believe that Merri and I love Cotacachi because prices are low.  This is incorrect. Cotacachi prices are akin to going to your favorite shop, finding your favorite brand of something you really love and then…and only then, discovering it has been marked down so its price is just a fraction of the original cost.

One thing we love is the continual activity. There is something always going on. One favorite activity are parades like this one passing by hotel El Meson de las Flores.


Plus it seems like there is always one group or another visiting the hotel’s courtyard for a seminar, tourism or hiking activity.


Something musical happens often as well…in the churches, the museum next door and the music hall in the town center.  Cotacachi is the town of music…so the new sign the mayor put up proclaims this to all.


In addition to activity, Cotacachi is a town of unity. Everywhere you go, you see the importance of every culture getting along stressed. Every school has a mural something like this showing children of all colors and cultures.

cotacachi mural

So it was no surprise when several of the village elders approached Merri and me not long ago. “We need to talk,” they said about unifying the Americans into the community.  “They should not live apart in gated communities. We need to get everyone together.”

They asked for ideas and I had a great one…so I thought.  Let’s have a singing club. Get everyone together in the museum and learn to sing everyone else’s songs.  Music will transcend all the cultures.  I am sure I even said this enthusiastically as if I thought it was a good idea!

The village elders said something like, “Gary, Budweiser does not advertise at the opera!”  Actually what they said was, good idea Gary except no one ever shows up for any event we hold at the museum. Let’s do something that the people actually do like…

“Football! (soccer)!”

There are twenty or so small villages in Cotacaci Canton (county). Each year these villages have a football competition (I call it the Cotacachi Cup).  At the end of the playoffs the wining team gets a grand prize of two bulls (yes as in big male cows).

The runner up gets one bull…third place a calf and fourth place a pig.
This s a big Cotacachi deal and it was suggested that the Americans, Canadians and Europeans donate first prize…and attend the games.

So we did!

One the day of the competition, all the teams arrived…there is a festival of sorts and several competitions. Each village has a queen.  From these a selection of the Cotacachi Cup Queen is made. Plus a best uniform competition.

Here they come.


Tomorrow’s message tells you all about it!

And you will not want to miss this story…no bull!

Until then, may all your activity be god.


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