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Ecuador is continually in the news. See Cotacachi news in the Washington Post.

Yesterday a reader pointed out that Ecuador was also in the news in this weekend’s New York Times.

This reader shared this thought.

“1) In case you didn’t see yesterday’s (4/27/08) NY Times, check page 2 of
the Travel Section. There is an article about Quito, which was great, though
I was stunned to read the hotel prices…

“2) Re the Quito nightclub fire, without minimizing the horror and tragedy of
15 young lives lost, last week’s Times reported the release from prison of a
New Jersey nightclub owner sentenced for a similar fire that killed 100
young people and musicians. Same story – fireworks lit during a performance,
highly flammable construction materials, locked doors, violated permits,

“My point is that this kind of stupidity and tragedy is not limited to 3rd
world countries.”

These were some good points worth further comment.

Here is a portion of the New York Times news article about Ecuador which included this wonderful picture of Colonial Quito.


“QUITO, the bustling capital of Ecuador, was for many years just a stopover for tourists heading to the Galápagos. Its Old Town was a maze of litter-strewn streets and dilapidated colonial facades, and its New Town was known for raucous partying and muggings.

“But things have finally started to turn around, thanks to a revitalization campaign initiated in 2001 that has poured hundreds of millions of dollars in public and private investment into neglected neighborhoods. Restoration of historic buildings and construction of hotels and attractions have made Quito more accessible, and a strengthened Policía de Turismo has made the streets safer.

“New hotels have also given tourists a good reason to stay. The elegant Hotel Plaza Grande (Calles García Moreno and Chile, 593-2-251-0777; in a restored Spanish-colonial mansion has rooms starting at $500. And the Hotel El Patio Andaluz (García Moreno N6-52; 593-2-228-0830; has handsome suites that open onto a 16th-century courtyard for $250.”

Friends of ours run the Hotel El Patio Andaluz and there is a trend of rising prices in Quito and Guayaquil hotels.   This is good for our many readers who have come over the years and purchased Ecuador real estate.  Yet prices are still really low and these high prices in most instances are very soft.

For example, Hotel Quito where we normally place our delegates when they are in Quito advertises has a rack rate of $120.  Yet we can still book rooms for our delegates at $55.  It is just who you know.

Our hotel El Meson de las Flores, still only charges only $59 a night including a really great served breakfast for two.

This is the news about Ecuador…you can still visit on a very modest budget or enjoy the highest in luxury for a higher but still affordable price.

Due to the growth of interest in Colonial Quito as described in the New York Times news, we are adding a FREE real estate tour of old Quito for delegates of our upcoming coastal tour.

Details on how to attend this tour free are below.

Until next message, may all your news be good!


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Would you like this type of view of property on Ecuador ’s beach from your front room?


Would a one minute amble to this beach do good for your heart…and soul?


Remember that tides and high waves diminish as they grow closer to the equator and this beach is on the equator…in Ecuador . There are no hurricanes on the equator and much less worry about coastal erosion.

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, you’ll want to attend one of our 2008 Ecuador Coastal real estate tours.  All of the pictures above were taken at San Clemente, the focal point of our next Ecuador Coastal Property Tour.

Merri and I have scoured Ecuador for 13 years and have driven its coast, top to bottom, again and again. We finally settled in the high Andes …but have not forgotten the beautiful Pacific.

Some people should not come to Ecuador’s coast. I hope I have weeded the more particular who only like their sand and surf, mopped, groomed with casinos, shopping centers and lots of entertainment. If you love immaculate, sterile, cold, paved, polished, flashy or high rise…do not come on this tour! Stop reading here.

We do not sell Ecuador coastal property. We are publishers and we sell information, contacts and tours. Our obligation is to you, our reader, and we never take commissions or any reward for the sale of land. In fact one time a developer in this area gave us a fully serviced lot with incredible ocean views. He appreciated that 16 of our tour delegates had purchased lots from him. We were polite but we refused to accept this gift.

We are looking after you, our reader, not property sellers! In fact we will encourage you not to buy real estate on your first trip…though I have to admit we are often ignored.

Having said this…for the adventurers and even slight adventurers, if you would like to see several hundred miles of coastline that is empty, wild, wonderful, alive, beautiful paint peeled and a bit rough around the edges…then read on!

You will love this tour!  We have a stretch from 30 or 40 miles north of Manta and south …several hundred miles of coast line with almost unlimited beauty and opportunity. There is no more safe and efficient way to see as much real estate on a whirlwind trip than with our tour.

We will fly from Quito to Manta but will not stay there in this port city long. We’ll immediately head north to San Clemente where our Norwegian friend of a decade, Kjetil Haugan, is developing a small, luxury spa and residential development.

Kjetil moved to Ecuador after being the administrator of Atlanta’s Olympic Village. He has become a prominent businessman, owning the largest Spanish school in the country along with several Galapagos cruise ships.

We have done business with Kjetil many times and always been pleased.

We;ll stay at this hotel which is also the club house for condos available here (at $79,000).  Here are delegates enjoying the last coastal real estate tour.

Here are some of the delegates viewing this mansion with an amazing estate is on the beach for $575,000 that we saw on the last tour.


With dozens of acres and over 600 palms…a guest house and a swimming pool on the beach. Here is the back yard.


At the low end here are delegates looking at these coastal houses for $18,000.


and these for $32,000.

and these for $77,000.


with this kitchen


this terrace

Other houses nearby we visited had this long view.


What specific properties will we see? I do not know. We research the tour just before we start, inspecting land and buildings that are for sale at that moment so we can maximize the efficiency of your trip. Our goal will be to find a cross section of property…land like this lot we saw on a previous tour.

In the end what you enjoy are three days of travel with like minded souls led by experienced travelers and real estate buyers, who know the area…who can provide you with all the important reliable contacts you need attorneys, property inspectors…architects and brokers who can work with you…in English.

I cannot guarantee you will find a property you will love. Even if you do, I’ll probably try to talk you out of rushing in. What I can guarantee is a savings of time…trouble and many miles and many properties to see on wonderful surf and sand.

The tour fee includes the courses and all internal travel but does not include round trip air fare from Quito to Manta. The tour fee does not include accommodations, food or air fare to and from Ecuador.

We’ll return to Quito June 8th and on June 9th have a tour of Quito and Colonial Quito real estate at no extra charge.

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