Millions in Economic Cycles

by | Apr 27, 2008 | Archives

Millions can be earned by understanding and watching economic cycles.

There are a batch of pictures here. please bear with me…they do contain an economic message about cycles and millions.

Merri and I are just back at our Blue Ridge farm…252 acres…altitude 3,000 to 4,000 feet.   Spring comes late in the seasonal cycle up here…but there are millions of clues.

Wild turkey roam the front yard.  Spring is turkey season and they have an uncanny knowing that we don’t shoot them here.  This hen and another come almost to our front door.


Boots, our attack cat, is trimming down.  The mice are warned.


Ma, our pumpkin patch hound, is acting crazy..rolling in the grass that grows so fast it’ll knock  you off your feet.  She’s even climbing trees. Lord knows what she smelled up there.  She’s mighty happy to be home!


Our geese are sitting…still as ornery as can be.


The Dandy Lions (dandelions some might say) are in full bloom.

Also the blue violets…

and the rare white ones too.


All edible…we enjoy them in our salads and afternoon snacks now along with branch lettuce, a rare delicacy found in the many streams and around the springs on the land. They are here for only a few weeks. Our neighbors say they taste best fried in bacon grease. Of course we would not know that.

Speaking of streams and springs, Merri and I took a walk up to our largest spring (there are dozens) called the Indian’s Trough.  The water comes gushing out of these rocks.  It’s a historical site…used to be an Indian watering hole so we are told.  Neighbors tell us that in times past the waters here also made the best white lightening as.  Of course I would not know.


The water from this spring runs down and feeds our house.  On the way a portion is diverted for our deep woods Ofuro (Japanese for hot-tub).

The water comes in year round at 49 degrees F.


Then we heat it with the wood burning stove…to 105 or so…get in and…relax..nothing but the warm water in the cedar tub and sound of the woods and creek bubbling by.

In the winter that water at 49 feels warm coming out.  Now it feels cold…another clue of warmer weather ahead.

Finally we walk back down our country road until the house peeks through the forest…


and we are home.


The trees have not filled in yet.  About two weeks to go.  We like to arrive back when they are bare, and then enjoy the spring green leafing out.

Here is the message about economic cycles and millions. Life is frequency…ups and and cold.  The economy is like seasons…always changing..regular and as change takes place the new season offers clues.

We know when it’s winter and cold that spring will come..then summer and fall.

We watch for the clues…violets…dandelions…white blossoms…green on the trees and longer days.

Yet we of little faith somehow think that when the economic cycle is down…it won’t come back so we stop looking for the clues.

For some reason when the cycle is up we are afraid to look down. When it is down we fear it won’t come back up.

This is not the way to earn millions through cycles.

Yesterday’s message about the multi currency stock cycle showed some clues that share values (not the economy yet) may be ready to blossom.

So start watching and get ready to plant some seeds. We should not wait for summer to plant our crops. Most investors do.  Then again, most investors do not make millions.

Most of all remember that the watching should be like our walk in the woods…not to get the clues…but to be enjoyed.  Keep walking, watching and enjoying.  Soon enough we’ll all be home.

Until next message, Merri and I send our best wishes that your spring and life is in full bloom as well.


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