Multi Currency Investing in Solar ETFs

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Multi currency investing is vital to everyone these days because holding numerous currencies helps preserve purchasing power.

See in this message why on our Blue Ridge farm this…

and this


are not only beautiful but have such multi currency value.

The falling US dollar creates inflation and inflation is hurting most people…one way or another.  Multi currency investing protects against the falling dollar and inflation.

I receive many letters about multi currency investing from readers like this.

“Dear Gary, Thanks for your interesting e-mails on the global economy.  I am a teacher, and must use my money wisely.  Also, I am planning on retiring in
a year and moving to Ecuador with my husband and 9 year old son.  So I will
soon be signing on for your Ecuador Services Report.  But, right now I am
interested in your report on multi currency investments for $199.  I cannot
attend your other course at this time.   I was thinking of taking about
$20-30,000 from one of my investments to invest in recommendations from
this report.  I do not have a money manager to advise.  I am it.  I don’t
understand a lot of investment terms.  Do you think I could benefit enough
from this course to know how to invest my money more wisely and with more of a gain?  Would a complete novice understand it?”

My reply is:

Our multi currency course helps investors manage their investment managers and we use and recommend Jyske Bank. However their minimum account is $50,000.

The best bet for smaller amounts is to use US mutual funds or ETFs.  Our courses do not cover this at this time but we will be adding this feature in the months ahead.

We are indeed adding this feature as I have been working with my long time
friend, Larry Grossman, to create portfolios of multi currency ETFs that we can track.

In this process Larry just sent this note:

*Want to shed a little light on your portfolio during these dark days?

“If you have read any of my articles over the last few years you know how much I like ETF’s and how superior to mutual funds I think they are. Well I just found out about a new one I think you should seriously consider owning in your portfolio.

“For sometime now we have been investing in the Claymore Global Water (CGW) and Claymore Global Timber (CUT) ETF’s. Claymore Securities, Inc. is a very progressive manager and I happen to really like their ETF’s. They give me the opportunity to invest in a sector specific global blend of stocks in a very efficient manner.

“Claymore just released the Claymore/Mac Global Solar Energy Index ETF (TAN). The solar power industry has been around for decades but I think it is finally coming into its own. The costs for solar production are coming down at the same time energy demand is soaring. And if you combine these two factors with what is clearly a swing in government policies around the world towards solar power you start to have a very compelling story. My research tells me professional investors are also beginning to pay more attention and are actually investing in this exciting sector.

“In the past I have felt the solar energy sector was too dangerous for my investment methodology. I am a very risk adverse manager and every investment decision I make is predicated on what is the potential risk and how I can reduce it.

“The problem with many of the stocks in the solar sector is they are very small and subject to a type of risk that is impossible to measure called event risk. You know how it is with ‘story stocks’, when the story is good they soar and when the story is bad they tank. That’s just not my style.

“Now with TAN I can get access to 25 different securities in one ETF and it is a global basket of stocks, which I like even more because it means I have limited exposure to the dollar. Currently the ETF is invested approximately 30% in China, 29% in Germany, 26% in the U.S., 7% in Norway, 4% in Spain and 3% in Switzerland. With that kind of blend I know I can get a lot more diversification and do it in a manner that really reduces my risk. Not only that is shows you just how much of a global story solar power have become.

“Remember before purchasing TAN, solar power is still an emerging industry and will likely be more volatile in the short run. But if you are like me and you believe this is the time for solar energy to really shine then this is an investment worth considering.”

You can get more information on Solar Energy investments, Global Water or Global Timber from Larry at

Timber, water and eergy are perfect multi currency investments. In fact they are beyond multi currency.  These are investments that are beyond currencies.

Yet Larry’s risk aversion makes sense. We have two energy shares, (Vestas Wind Systems and Q Cells Ag) in the Green portfolio we have created and track with Jyske Bank.

Since November, when the current market downturn began, shares of Vestas, which is word’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, have still risen. The portfolio invested $51,000 and they are now worth $59,458.

However shares in Q Cells have fallen heavily.  The $51,000 of the Green Portfolio was invested in Q Cells is currently worth $39,539.

Here are how the six shares that compose our green portfolio have performed.

Company                          Invested             Value Now
Seche Environnement     48,000.00             31,864.85

Novozymes B                  48,000.00              37,565.11

Vestas Wind Systems      51,000.00              59,456.30

Kurita Water Industr        51,000.00               56,346.07

Q-Cells Ag                       51,000.00               39,539.33

The Green Portfolio rose 263.6% in its first year but has dropped badly since November (though it is still up over 100% since inception November 2006).  This portfolio has not been immune from the 2008 turmoil.

Learn why and how to know more about multi currency investing.

You can get more information on multi currency investments Jyske Bank from Thomas Fischer, Senior Vice President at

Even better you can meet me and Thomas at our May 23 to 25 International Investments and Business Course.


We will have a special session on why alternative energy, timber and water investments make extra good value now.

Ashe County is a perfect place to look at this type of investing. This is one reason why Merri and I have purchased three farms here..filled with timber.

Here is the view I watch in my North Carolina front yard every day, beautiful and growing in value every day. Timber is a most wonderful commodity as it costs nothing to store and continues to grow in value as it expands itself.

Timber Investments

and water…we have dozens of springs and all the water on the land is gravity fed spring water, like this water rushing from the rocks.


Plus we are putting in or own hydro power created by the creek.


Won’t you join Merri, me and Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank  May 23 to 25 for International Investments and Business Made EZ.