Cotacachi Ecuador Roads

by | Apr 20, 2008 | Archives

Cotacachi Ecuador roads are always filled with delights and surprise. We are on the road from Cotacachi at this moment having left Ecuador to head north in preparation for our May courses at Merrily Farms.

However Cotacachi was not going to let us leave without reminding us of the delights that this Ecuadorian village offers each day.

Every morning we take a stroll in the sunrise about six am. Recent mornings we have been trying to catch a procession which starts around five am….singing and weaving through the roads around town…part of the Cotacachi celebration heading towards Whit Sunday.

At six the dawn is glorious coming over Cotacachi cathedral next to our El Meson suite.

Cotacachi hotel El Meson de las Flores

This morning though we knew we were hot on their trail.

One Cotacachi road was lined with these palms.


The houses as well…in the windows a picture of the Virgin Mary.


And the road itself was lined with rose petals.


Imagine the joy of strolling in the dawn down a Cotacachi rose strewn road!

My camera was ready but I miss them. By six am, they have gone.

What fun, but that was not the end. Cotacachi’s dusk said good bye to us…for awhile…in a glorious way as well.

The moon came out full…the church lights blinked on and the eventide filled with color. I took this shot from our Meson de las Flores suite.


This suite by the way is now available for a one to three month rental. Watch for our special offer. It is a treat.

And the dying sun cast its proud image on the clouds behind us as they drifted into Mount Cotacachi.


Nor did night give up Cotacachi’s beauty.


Quiet and at peace…this tiny village.


What a farewell.

We always wonder why we leave when we do…but in part it’s because we know we’ll be back..with anticipation.

We hope you anticipate enjoying the joys and surprise of Cotacachi as well.


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