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Freedom and lifestyle are more important than money to Merri and me. A freer lifestyle may be your goal.  Would you like a lifestyle that allows you to live, work and play where you want…when you choose?

Merri and I have enjoyed such freedom in our lifestyle for four decades this May.

We really enjoy sharing this freedom with our readers.  We find that people who put more emphasis on freedom and lifestyle…rather than just making a buck are more enjoyable to be with.

There is good news about freedom in lifestyle as well.   Technology makes it
easier for your lifestyle to give you this freedom…with your own global internet business.

What would you say if I suggested that not only can you gain freedom of lifestyle…but that you can do it from your bedroom…without employees…on minimal capital?  Plus would you believe that as a tiny business you could compete with and beat big business?

Here is the proof that you can enjoy such success, freedom and a lifestyle that most people just envy rather than do anything about.

Merri and I have, what I like to call, the tiniest, most profitable internet publishing business in the world.  This business provides a great living.  More important it gives us freedom to live wherever we choose…and our choices may seem odd.

We live part time on our Blue Ridge Merrily Farms..far far from civilization…2.5 hours to the nearest city.   Here we are taking a break with our daughter riding our bikes down the Virginia Creeper Trail.

Part of the rest of the time…when we are not traveling…we live in a remote Andean Village at our Cotacachi Hotel, El Meson de las Flores.

Here we are overlooking Cotacachi.

Plus we spend time at our Ecuador beach apartment as well.  Here is the beach.

Yet at times we have taken even seemingly odder paths…such as when we moved to an indigenous village and lived in this precious hut that the village gave us.


Travel?  This last year it included Oregon (several times) York, Leeds, London, Copenhagen,  a 6,600 mile drive round the US and shortly we are headed to Mexico as well…all because we chose or choose to.

Even better we were paid to take each trip.

Yet with this freedom to travel…this lifestyle to go wherever we choose…we are always busy and competing effectively against much larger firms.

How large is our competition?  How would going up against the New York Stock Exchange…Forbes and Yahoo sound?

Would beating them sound even better?

Yet we can regularly beat this type of competition even though they are many thousands of times larger.

Because of two secret words.

We are the Davids beating these Goliaths with Google internet rankings.

Perhaps we should call these two secret words “Slingshot Words”.

Take for example my article I posted yesterday about  “Emerging Stock Market Values”.

I checked that phrase “Emerging Stock Market Values” at Google this morning and here is how we ranked.  My site ranked #1.  The New York Stock Exchange was #2.  Another of our sites was #3.

#1  Emerging Stock Market Value Analysis
Michael continually researches emerging stock market valuations and compares their value based on current book to price, cash flow to price, … – 27k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

#2: NYSE, New York Stock Exchange > Listed Securities
… stock exchange that provides an open and fair market for emerging … The NYSE trades over 500 structured products with a market value in excess of $165 … – 20k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

#3: Global Emerging Stock Market Value Strategy from SpottingTrends
Global Emerging Stock Market Value Strategy is from a series of articles about the world financial markets by Gary Scott at Spotting Trends. – 20k – Cached – Similar pages –

I thought this was pretty good and mentioned this to my webmaster who replied:

“You are looking at a regional variation for Ecuador.  It’s even better in Google US.  See attached.”

You can see that in the US we ranked #1-#2-#3 and #4 for that phrase.

Good Google Rankings
Then my webmaster reminded me of the two “Secret Slingshot” words.

He wrote:  “Gary, Few people realize you can get to #1 in Google as long as you focus on your niche.”

These are the “secret slingshot” words to understand…”focus” and “niche”.  When you focus on a unique niche in your global business,  you can compete with any business no matter how big they are.

These rankings get results as well.  You’ll see how tomorrow.

In the meantime we continue to help you, our friends and readers learn how to use the internet in your freedom lifestyle business with the FREE course we are  featuring provided by Michelle Toole, one of our students who has succeeded so well with her own internet business.

Here is Michelle’s eighteenth lesson.

Do My Readers Really Care Who I Am?
by Michelle Toole

“How important are you, the writer, to your readers?  Do they really care who you are or why you built your web site?

We have all seen the “About Us” button on a web site and if you have a web site you might even have one, but how important are they? And what’s the real value of such a page? And, of course, the all-important question, do you know how to maximize its value?

Well, after reading an article by Bryan Eisenberg called  “The Power of the About Us Page”, I am sold on the importance as well as the advantages of sharing a piece of yourself with your reader.

According to Bryan, an “About Us” page is a tremendous opportunity to cement a relationship with many prospective customers. It can put a human face on an otherwise technical, dry, and impersonal page. Properly written, it can provide some serious buying resolve to certain customer segments.

Humans want to connect with other humans. That’s easy to forget in a transaction-focused business world, but consider’s explosive success. What’s MySpace if not a massive collection of “About Me” pages?” It’s simple building a business is about building relationships.

In his article, Bryan also shares the most common “About Us” page mistakes:

“You tell what you do, instead of who you are.” Remember, this is your opportunity to connect with your reader.  They already know “what you do”, what they actually want is to know the person or persons behind the product.

“The content is thoughtless.” Taking paragraphs from various pages on your web site to create an “About Us” page is not going to endear you to your reader.  It is likely going to irritate those few readers that wanted to know more about YOU!

“Where are the people?” Too few companies actually include photos on their “About Us” page.  Photographs of your writers, you or just fun office photos can add a tremendous amount of interest to your web site.  It adds that personal touch, a face behind the name.
“The “About Us” page needs an enema.” Long winded, boring, technical “About Us” pages do nothing for your reader or your business.  Instead, show your readers how passionate you are about your business and why you do what you do.

Bottom Line……….

Not every customer wants to know more about you, but don’t disappoint those who do. Writing an “About Us” page that focuses on the human aspect of your business could result in higher conversion from those who encounter it and that could mean more money in your pocket!”

You can check out Michelle’s web site at To see how and what tools she used to create a successful on-line business go to


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