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A reader who sent me this note about her special Cotacachi education. She wrote:

“Hi Gary and Merri, I wanted to share my lesson in humility in Cotacachi and let you know that your publishing course has kept me inspired. I recently completed a young children’s book, based on a life experience with my own children. The art work is being done now – clever and cute. Again, thank you. Love and blessings to both of you. See you soon. Micky”

“A LESSON IN HUMILITY by Micky Enright”

“Thoughts, smells and colors awaken my senses as I walk along the narrow, uneven sidewalks of Cotacachi, the leather village of Ecuador. The tanned smell of leather floods my nostrils like the aroma of a new car.

Small shops, one after another, display of leather goods that vary from the colors of the rainbow to basic browns and black.

Upon entering a shop, I am greeted by a friendly indigenous shop owner with a smiling face, no pressure, just the shear pleasure to show their leather creations. I watch families working as a team, sometimes from the grandparents right down to the young children.

Multiple wooden shelves display beautiful designs of purses, shoes wallets, brief cases, back packs, jackets, belts, panchos, jewelry and leather trimmed sweaters. I am overwhelmed by the creativity and choices.

Little did I know what was going to happen as I walked out to the sidewalk with the intent to enter another shop.

A small built young boy about 9 years old tugged on my jacket with a penny in the palm of his hand and telling me in Spanish that he needed gym shoes for school. Of course, I do not speak Spanish but I understood by the looks of his tattered worn out shoes and his open palm that he was going to be persistent.

Cotacachi is not a village to find gym shoes. Was he a well trained little beggar on this slightly upscale street of leather shops? My skepticism rose, I was feeling annoyed as he followed me along on both sides of the street. There was no dodging him.

Each time I entered another shop, waited for me to reappear outside.

I finally decided to make a deal with him not knowing if he understood me. I said,

“If you want gym shoes come to the El Meson.” I walked away relieved that this little persistent character was not hot on my trail.

Early that evening as I was enjoying dinner at the El Meson and listening to the local Musicians play Ecuadorian music in this almost perfect environment, I felt a tap on my shoulder. One of the Spanish speaking staff took me by the arm and in broken English

Said: “someone is here to see you.” Here was my little ‘annoyance’ with the penny in his hand and wearing the tattered gym shoes.

As luck would have it, when I go to Cotacachi I travel with donated clothing, shoes and so forth to help the children in an outer village. I had new gym shoes in my room.

The staff person and the little boy followed me up the stairs to my room. He sat quietly on a chair, very little expression, almost slightly frightened. By this time I probably appeared to be the big bad wolf. He was fitted with several pairs of shoes by the\ indigenous staff person and all shoes were too big. The ingenious staff person simply put newspaper in the toes and made the shoes fit.

My inner self filled with remorse for my lack of compassion and I made sure he left with some used clothing, coloring books and crayons. A delighted young boy with a look of appreciation in his eyes, graciously said “gracias” and left for home.

I learned a very big lesson that day. Do not judge and make conclusions. Keep a gracious heart open to the infinite as sometimes you receive gifts in small packages.

I will never forget his persistence and the look in his eyes of gratitude as he went his way.

It was hard to hold back a tear and to realize my ego and impatience were put aside for a little while and humility surfaced as I gazed into the face of my little persistent character.”

This is a wonderful tale about one of the most important benefits we gain from travel…expanded horizons.

The wider your globe…the broader your horizons. The broader your horizons, the deeper you can see.

This is why we created and conduct our International Business and Investing Made EZ Course four times a year. This is a course to help investors and those who wish to have their own global business, earn as they travel.

Michelle Toole, for example, is a student of this course. She started her own global business after attending our course. Without extensive experience or capital she has developed successful global business.

She recently wrote:

“Last month turned out to be a great month for my website. Things are really starting to take off….I am now seeing anywhere from 700 – 900+ visits per day, I am being contacted on a regular basis by advertisers wanting to purchase ad space, other sites are contacting me to consider possible joint ventures, a very successful disability advocacy site is going to be promoting my e-book and I will be doing my first web interview for a site next month! It is all truly amazing!

“All of my efforts are paying off literally… my little trickles of income are fast becoming streams…..the funny thing is it almost feels like free money! I know that sounds odd I have certainly put a lot of time and energy into my projects but when you follow your passion and invest in yourself the return is different than if you were ‘working’ for a pay check.

“As always I thank both you and Merri for your endless support and knowledge and I look forward to sharing my experiences and successes with both of you for years to come! love to you both, Michelle”

To help readers learn how to use the internet in their marketing we have been featuring a FREE course provided by Michelle.

Here is Michelle’s sixteenth lesson.

Introduction to E-zines

First of all what is an E-zine?

An E-zine, sometimes referred to as an email newsletter or e-newsletter, is simply a newsletter that is delivered via email that you can subscribe or opt-in to.

How often do you send your E-zine? The frequency in which you send your E-zine is a matter of how much time you wish to put into it. Delivery frequencies range from daily, to multiple times per week, to weekly, to bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or any periodic delivery schedule. Some of the best E-zines are delivered daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Any delivery frequency longer than monthly is not recommended.

These days almost every Web site publishes an e-zine but, because Spam is in abundance and visitor trust in site privacy policies is at an all-time low, it is not surprising that attracting new subscribers is becoming increasingly more difficult. However, it’s a challenge that you must and can overcome (as you will soon see). Here’s why…

Publishing an e-zine is a great way to further establish your credibility, build trust, and establish a rapport with your audience. Ongoing communication keeps your Web site in the forefront of your visitor’s mind, ensuring that s/he will return to it time and time again to check your updates and business offerings. So…

How do you overcome your visitor’s skepticism and entice him or her to sign up for your e-zine?

The simplest, most effective way is through the creation of quality content on your site. Nothing telegraphs your honesty and integrity better. No matter what you are trying to accomplish online, it all begins with high-value, relevant content — exactly what your visitor is searching for.

Beyond that, you can offer a couple of tasty “freebies”. Giving away something of value will tempt those “would-be” subscribers into signing up. Of course, in order for this strategy to be effective, your visitor must perceive the “freebie” as being worthwhile. Because you are an unknown business, your prospective subscriber uses the quality of your site’s content to gauge the value of your e-zine. In other words…

Great site content = Perceived high value “freebie”.

“So-so” or average site content = Perceived average or low value freebie.

A freebie can take the form of…

•    a special report

•    an exclusive e-course

•    a free gift

•    a cost-saving coupon or discount

•    a trial version of your product

•    or the most well-used freebie of all, an e-book.

Your visitors happily receive valuable information, at no-cost, in a user-friendly format (all of which concretely shows that you have their best interests at heart!). They will confidently subscribe to your e-zine, anxiously awaiting more great content. Bear in mind that you will have to continue to provide value added content to keep subscribers happy and new ones coming in.

Bottom line?

An e-zine is an excellent marketing tool. Used properly it can propel your e-business to the next level. But, always remember your e-zine is much more than an advertisement for your business. It is a bond between you and your readers. Give it the attention it deserves.

You can check out Michelle’s web site at To get more great tips, like the ones above and to see how and what tools she used to create a successful on-line business go to

We hope we can help you expand your horizons through global investing and business as well.


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