Essential Oils for Health

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Essential oils are a part of Merri’s and my health, well being and daily life. We massage our feet with essential oils each morning and put essential oils on our pillows at night.

We use essential oils before our morning walk.  Here’s a shot we took this morning of Mount Imbabura. See more shots below.

Essential oils for heath

We use essential oils to balance a variety of feelings and emotions…fatigue…confusion…anger, worry to name a few.

We get all our essential oils from our friend Candace Newman. We have known Candace for over thirty years and know she has complete integrity when blending her essential oils.

This month Candace is offering her seven blend essential oil sampler. We carry these essential oils with us everywhere.

Candace just wrote this about the health importance of essential oils.

“After you learn all the left-brain mental information about essential oils…it is really the nose that knows what we need, based on how the aroma makes us FEEL.

Smell is the least known and explored of the five senses. In the 1980’s, I read that the sense of smell would be one of the great explorations of the 21st Century. I knew for me, it was one of the main elements that brought me out of pain and exhaustion.

Now, we see researchers and scientists reporting on the unspoken connection of smells, emotions, and experiences; and the potential this brings to health. In 2004 the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine went to two American olfactory researchers.

Smell sends a message to the brain through the olfactory system, and speaks the language of thought, memory, and emotion. It is the most complete of the five senses at birth, indicating smell is a survival mechanism and helps us sense danger and safety.

Studies at Northwestern University’s Medical School in Chicago, Illinois, show that a strong emotional experience can heighten our sense of smell at that moment, and results in a conditioned emotional response to that same smell in the future. A 2005 study showed: ‘Smelling an unfamiliar odor while playing a frustrating video game provoked a dislike of the scent.’ How we feel when we experience a specific aroma, can condition our response to that smell. We all perceive aromas differently. This is one reason why aromas play such a magnificent and pleasant role in our sense of well-being.

My OLA Seven Massage Blends have numbers instead of names because oils have specific properties, but the aromas do different things for different people at different times.

OLA Three for example might be calming for you at one time, and stimulating at another. A blend you don’t care for right now, may be your favorite at another time. Our response changes as we change. Names limit their potential.

Our Oil Lady Aromatherapy® Seven Sampler is 10% off this month…seven formulas to choose for different times. The 1 oz amber plastic bottles with pump tops, come with the rainbow chart in a clear zipper case. Easy to use!”

Essential oil for health

You can order this sampler here.

There are so many little know things that can help our lives and health.

For example in tomorrow’s message you’ll learn about this man and why we meet him every morning at six in the morning for our health.

Essential oil for health

Until then good global health to you.


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