Cotacachi Adventure

by | Apr 5, 2008 | Archives

Cotacachi adventure always takes us by surprise.

People want what they have lost. Most of the Western world has lost it sense of adventure..hence the success at Disney World and all the other act alike…look alike theme parks.

Yet many still yearn for real adventure. We get adventure often in Cotacachi…almost always when we least expect it. After all that’s really the key to adventure isn’t it? Surprise?

For example, today we are just back from a Cotacachi adventure discovering a fantastic healing grotto I do not think anyone knows about. This was a total surprise sprung on us.

We will take delegates for our next Cotacachi shamanic adventure there.

This Cotacachi adventure began it turns out because of the family…of the father…of the mother…of our new Godson has access to a healing grotto.

If you missed the Baptismal story of our Godson, see King of the Hummingbirds

He is a healer and his family have looked after this healing grotto of mineral water for many generations.

The grotto is in this valley. That’s the Ambi River below.

Cotacachi adventure

We hiked in.

Cotacachi adventure

Glorious country, rugged…waterfalls.

Cotacachi adventure

There is a beautiful glen by the grotto where they have ceremonial, cleansing fires.

Cotacachi adventure

The water comes out of the mountain into the grotto, orange…filled with minerals iron, sulphur and God knows what else. We are told the shamans have been using it for centuries. It’s pure and perfectly clear coming out of the rock face.

Cotacachi adventure Here is Consuelo’s father Julio Cesar.

Cotacachi adventure

Quite fantastic…delicious tasting…bubbly. Better than Perrer or San Pelegrino with a bite! We had a cleansing ceremony.

Cotacachi adventure

After leaving the grotto with gifts of fruit we began the climb back out knowing that this was not the end but the beginning of many new adventures that we hope you will share.

Cotacachi adventure

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This is one many reasons that so many other people from up north are moving to Cotacachi. They are here for nature…for the beauty…and they are moving for a sense of adventure.

Yet there is a rub. See this problem here.