Cotacachi Residency

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Cotacachi residency is great because Cotacachi residents are wonderful.

One of the most important reasons Merri and I love residing in Cotacachi is the people…their sweetness and the wonderful Cotacachi way of life.

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First, meet Cotacachi’s King of the Hummingbirds. Here he is in his baptismal clothes.

Cotacachi Residency

Merri and I have had a residence abroad for many decades in Hong Kong, London, Mexico. We have travelled globally for 40+ years. One observation that has continually puzzled us has been that people leave a residency, often because they do not like it and immediately try to make their new home just like the place they left.

Merri and I have always tried to blend our residency with the local residence (in this case the Cotacachi people) rather than in a segregated community.

What a delight when this Cotacachi family asked Merri and me to be the Godparents of their new son, Quinde Ananke, (which means “King of the Hummingbirds”).

What can be more exciting than being Godparets to a king?

Cotacachi residents take Baptisms seriously so the event began months ago when the entire family visited us to formally offer us this privilege and set a date for the baptism. Here we are at that meeting.

Cotacachi Residency

This was a really wonderful event. The Cotacachi family arrived with huge baskets laden with fruit, boiled potatoes, roasted chicken and Cuy (Guinea pig) to share with all. A discussion ensues about the responsibility of the Godparents (Patrinos) and a date was set for the Baptism.

In Quinde’s case we all chose Holy Saturday, the day before Easter. This is a most popular day for residents of Cotacachi to have their children baptized.

The big day was a busy beginning with a Catechism in the morning to help us understand the sacred nature of being patrinos. The Cathedral that resides right next to our Cotacachi hotel, El Meson de las Flores, was filled to standing room only and lighted in grand splendor.

Cotacachi Information

After the Mass and Baptisms came the fiesta.

Here are the proud mom.

Cotacachi Residency

And dad dressed in traditional clothes.

Cotacachi Residency
The ceremony continued when more baskets laden with boiled potatoes, chicken and cuy arrive for the patrinos. Our privilege is to then tear it apart (by hand) and share this with the other guests…an event we enjoyed.

Cotacachi Residency

I do not think that Merri and I ever thought we would be patrinos to such a delightful child in such a gala way or to serve cuy by hand or ever be accepted into such a wonderful community.

This is what global living and residence in such a wonderful place is about…expanded horizons…new unthinkable treats…unexpected friendships and new exciting paths in life.

We hope on this day you find your ways expanding…your delights unexpected and your friends and family growing.

Gary & Merri

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