Natural Awakenings Yoga

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Natural Awakenings yoga comes in many forms…enhanced by seasonal natural awakenings. 

Spring is a natural awakening. We especially see this at our Blue Ridge farm where spring erupts in a glory of richness and multi hued shades of green.

Here is our front yard!

natural awakenings for health

Do not miss the many photos below.

Also there are natural nutritional awakenings…when special diets bring our bodies awake.

There are also physical natural awakenings…like yoga and natural cross training exercises.

This is why we are bringing all three natural awakenings (spring, nutritional and physical) together for you this May at our Blue Ridge farm.

More on this yoga in a moment…first let me share a special natural cleansing taught to us by a Shaman who lived high in the Andes.

Though the village where he lived had no running water, he always glowed with skin and hair looking fresh and clean. I questioned the secret and the shaman shared this all natural cleansing that is delightful and works inside and out!

Ingredients: Six packets of chamomile tea, six long natural cinnamon sticks and a handful of black cardamom (called pimienta dulce or sweet pepper here).

Place all the ingredients in a couple quarts of water and boil them thoroughly.  Set aside a cup or two to drink. Dilute the balance in three to five gallons of water as hot as you find comfortable.

Get in a bathtub or shower. Ideally play 60 beats a minute baroque music in the background. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is a good example. (This helps the mind shift into an Alpha state.)

Sit in a comfortable position, relax and slowly ladle cup after cup over your head and entire body.

When through, do not rinse or towel dry. Let your hair and body dry naturally.

You’ll feel clean with a warm glow, smell better than apple pie and your skin and hair will shine! This helps your body have natural awakenings.

Sip the tea as well so you cleanse from the inside and out.

This tea is just one of many secrets that we will share at a special May yoga camp at Merrily Farms. We will bring these all-natural ingredients with us back from Ecuador for each attendee.

Merri and I are well into our 60s. Since we have a lot more to accomplish, we pay extra attention to gentle but powerful, natural ways to enhance longevity and good health…such as yoga.

We do more…including daily hikes in nature. Here we ready to hike the Virginia Creeper, a 30+ mile trail through deep woods.

natural awakenings for health

At the upcoming May 2008 yoga – health weekend we’ll hike, bike and canoe as well as practice yoga. We’ll use our deep woods seminar hall for the yoga.

natural awakenings for health

We’ll enjoy “Al Fresco” health dining on our “over the creek” deck.

natural awakenings for health

Our meals here will be serenaded by the symphony of this natural, bold, mountain creek below.

natural awakenings for health

For those who wish to go beyond yoga, we’ll have optional hiking on the miles of trail on our farm.

natural awakenings for health

Relaxation will be by our waterfalls.

natural awakenings for health

Here Merri and I bike the Virginia Creeper Trail with our daughter Eleanor. During the yoga weekend bikes are available for rent as an added option.

natural awakenings for health

Plus those who wish can canoe the New River too.

natural awakenings for health

Merri will offer her cooking class on Secrets from the Taita Yatchak which is a delightful, insightful way of bringing food to the sublime…which is a part of the yogic way of life.

Here is a previous group learning to cook and eat in natural, healthier ways.

natural awakenings for health

We’ll enjoy the meals we prepare on the front deck.

natural awakenings for health

I invite you to join Merri, me and our friends for this special weekend of sharing good health, yoga and natural awakenings.

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There are also natural awakenings in investment markets so do not miss our Interational Investing and Business course late May in North Carolina. See an invitation here.