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Smart investors listen to the music and ignore the noise. The universe, as we know it, is frequency..up and and fro. Life and the economy…markets..are part of this symphony…players led by an all mighty conductor.

Nature creates such beauty even in its destruction…like this volcanic crater near our Ecuador home. (Delegates saw lots for sale on this lake). You’ll see more pictures like this below.

Ecuador Real Estate Lake

There are few times of the year when this never ending change is as obvious as during this weekend holiday..the rising of Christ…the equinox…seasonal change….the light at the end of the tunnel.

This tune is sweet too…every part…the highs and the lows. In fact the brass in this music is the contrast. Where would fast be without slow? Up without down?

Yet numerous readers are forwarding vast arrays of gloomy news. Bear Stearns is in trouble. The Fed is dumping billions into protecting banks. Gold smashes the $1,000 barrier, gas shoots toward $4 a gallon. The economy has crashed. The list goes on…and on.

Please, please please…ignore this noise! Smart investors ignore these short term corrections. In fact smart investors relish them.
Smart investments are easiest to find in these cleansing times.

Listen to the music of a correcting economy instead. Shift and take advantage of events. Problems ARE opportunity.

Take for example the US real estate crash. Credit is tight, so many can no longer buy a dream home on the sea. Quite a problem.

I used this opportunity to send one message, two weeks ago, showing how that problem created an opportunity for Americans and Canadians to own a dream condo on the Ecuador coast instead.

That one message sold over two million dollars of real estate (17 condos)! (You’ll see why in the photo’s below).

Stock markets began crashing all over the world last November. Quite a problem.

I saw this as an opportunity so my personal portfolio (which I am reviewing in detail in our Multi Currency Portfolio Course) is up and rising (currently at a rate of 17.5%).

Plus that portfolio is highly liquid so I can take advantage of low prices and good values now.

This is because last October while listening to the rhythms of nature’s eternal song, I heard a lot of sweet, intoxicating
tunes sung by many all time stock markets tops. I liquidated and warned readers October 26, 2007.

See that warning and my portfolio then at

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Changes in the economic and social fabric of North America have made lifestyles north expensive and full of pressure and stress. That’s a huge problem.

By focusing on the solutions to this problem, my readership has more than tripled in the last year.

I share these thoughts not to brag but to remind you that times have never been so good…if you adapt to nature’s tune as it is played.

Am I disturbed by the recent chain of economic events?

No more than I am disturbed when losing weight on a diet.

The balance of nature is maintained in an ebb and flow. Nothing just gets fatter and fatter. Growth comes in waves followed by troughs of consolidation. The troughs are filled with even more energy than the waves!

The time to invest…the time to start a business…the time to accumulate good value is in the troughs.

The key to wealth which I have shared at this site again and again is in seeing problems as opportunity! As the British say, “where there is muck, there is brass.”

I see a lot of muck in the global economy right now. This means lots of brass (read opportunity)!

This is a holiday celebrating the wonderful light and music of everything we and all, are so I leave you with a quote from Paulo Coelho’s manual, Warrior of the Light.

“The warrior knows that he is free to choose his desires, and he makes these decisions with courage, detachment and sometimes with just a touch of madness”.

Merri and I wish you a Happy Easter, a touch of madness and our wish that light shines on every darkness in your life.


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On our Ecuador real estate tours we saw some wonderful lake property including these lots on this crater lake near our home.

Ecuador Real Estate Lakes

Plus we saw all types of coastal real estate. Here is one condo we viewed for sale at $77,000.
Ecuador Coastal Real Estate

The interiors were first class! Here is the kitchen.

Ecuador coastal real estate

The patio.

Ecuador coastal real estate

The patio view.

Ecuador Coastal real estate

View from the front of the condo.

Ecuador Coastal Real Estate

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