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Equador real estate is the most commonly missed spelling for Ecuador real estate.

Equador is not only misspelled but misunderstood from Ecuador real estate opportunity on the equator in Ecuador to how safe and peaceful it is here.

Sometimes I think that Equador is a most misspelled word and Ecuador a most misunderstood country.

At our last Ecuador real estate course delegates were amazed at how safe they felt…how friendly the people of Ecuador (or Equador if you must) were and at the Ecuador real estate bargains.

They were even more amazed when their friends and wives called to make sure they were okay because of the war!

War in Equador (Ecuador), we all asked? Huh? Nothing could be further from reality. Yet the Western press made a small border squabble, (created when Colombia bombed terrorists hiding in a remote part of Ecuador’s Amazon real estate) sound like a war.

I continually get notes from readers like this:

“Gary, I’ve gotten several friends excited about Equador. Even to the extent to advise them that Equador is closer to Atlanta, GA than Los Angeles by over a thousand air miles which amazes people. Also, that Equador is actually farther east than Atlanta. The problem is what we’re hearing about the political unrest in Equador is unsettling to most. What say you?”

You may gain from my reply:

“Thanks for getting in touch. The press has been writing about Ecuador’s political unrest for the entire 13 years we have been here.

“Yet all we have found here is opportunity. The inaccurate and bad press scares off many people. This has helped keep prices low so those who do come and see…can enjoy extra profits and a great lifestyle at a lower cost.

“Here is the view from Merri’s and my apartment on Ecuador’s beach…price $79,000.

Ecuador hotel

“I can enjoy this surf with just 35 steps…and do everyday when we are on the coast.

Ecuador surf
“We just finished a real estate tour. On the coast delegates saw property that my readers bought at $2,500 per lot seven years ago. Now despite the purported political turmoil these lots are selling at $17,500 and up.

“Plus delegates saw many other huge profits that our readers, who have come and seen for themselves, have made during this time the press has been selling bad news.

“Here are some of the lots our readers bought for $2,500 that are now (still low in my opinion) $17,500.

Ecuador Pacific View
“Our apartment by the way is down the beach near the point at the end of the view (plus we are buying five condos as well).

“Most of our time in Ecuador, however, is in the Andes. We have several properties here and are trying to buy more…a lot more. Here is one view from our houses in the Andes.

Ecuador Imbabura

“We can afford to keep this garden because our gardener costs less than $100 a month.

Ecuador Gardens

“Here is the view Merri, Ma and I enjoy on our daly walks.

Ecuador Andes

“Plus every day we can enjoy fresh, long stem roses…because they cost less than $1 a dozen! Here they are in the courtyard of our colonial hotel.

Ecuador roses

“For 13 years we have reaped fortunes, enjoyed low cost living served by genuinely sweet people in the sun where children can still play in the streets at night…at prices so low most people won’t believe it.

“We have gained so much by ignoring the press!

“My recommendation is don’t base your life on what you read or see in the news. Don’t believe me either. Come see for yourself!

I personally am investing an extra million dollars in Ecuador based on my continued belief that I can see better here than the press can from there. Right or wrong, at least I am putting my money where my mouth (or rather my pen) is.

If I am right, I’ll gain a wonderful risk premium.

If I am wrong…that’s life…but the process of being wrong will sure have been pleasant and fun!

Everything you do has some risk…just be sure you are correctly paid for taking it.

Most of all, be sure that the process of taking risk is fulfilling to you. Do something you have always wanted to do and enjoy. Life is uncertain. None of us know what our future will bring…so live each daily fully from dawn to dusk. Don’t let fears of the unknown magnified by the press ruin your pleasure. At the end of each day enjoy the sunset knowing that you did your best and enjoyed the process.

Speaking of sunsets. Here are a few of the ones we have enjoyed taken from our Ecuador coastal apartment. We hope you’ll come enjoy them as well.

Each sunset, like the day, has its own remarkable, but different beauty.

Ecuador coastal sunset

Some stormy.

Ecuador coast sunset

Some days are subtle.

Ecuador coastal sunset

And others blazing and brilliant in their beauty.

Ecuador Coastal sunset

Until next message may you enjoy them all!

You can read more about Ecuador’s president and risk at


If where you live is perfect, there is not a lot of reason to venture afar. You are lucky…so enjoy!

If not and if the prospects in Ecuador interest you, I invite you to visit and see for yourself rather than believe in what you read.

Regards, Gary”

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