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Internet exports success can help us be financially independent and free to live and earn where we choose.

When I left the United States in May 1968, America was considered the one and only Land of Opportunity..the best in the world.

Yet this assumption was wrong!  History proves that this was really the beginning of a 40 year shift.  Currencies, stock markets and earning opportunity have all been better in many other places abroad.

Life in many other countries is now like it was four decades ago in the USA…simpler and safer… children playing outside after dark and families coming home to dinner on the table…prepared by mom.

Somehow, in the United States, all this has changed.  Now we have to go other places to be surrounded by such  lifestyles!

How can we have the financial freedom to move to such spots…full or part time?

Having an Ecuador exports business is one way.

Here are delegates in the markets at our last Ecuador exports course.

Ecuador exports

Delegates who have attended our Ecuador exports and imports course report to us increasing success with notes like this:

“Hi Merri: Sorry to bother, but somehow I got home without the name of the person who makes those gorgeous business cards.  I need to get some business cards asap.  So..going to make some on my own until I can get your contact down there to make the gorgeous ones.

“I sold all my scarves, for the big things…wall hangings, sweaters and all the gorgeous pictures I brought back.  It has been fun.  If I get a lot of those sold this weekend then I will definitely be back down there for the Spanish class.  I have a much better idea of things to buy this time and what not to. Thanks so much.”

This reader has since enrolled in our upcoming Super Thinking + Spanish course. That April course is now fully booked but why not come in June?  Details of the June course are below.
Here is more of Otavalo market.

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The key to a successful Ecuador exports business is marketing.  Good marketing can set you free…allow you to live and travel where you choose. Exports can come from Ecuador or anywhere once you know how to market.
ecuador exports

This is why we focus on how to market Ecuador exports at our Ecuador exports course.  Toward this end we also help readers learn how to use the internet in their marketing.

To help readers improve their internet marketing ability we are featuring a FREE course provided by Michelle Toole.

Michelle was a student at our Ecuador Exports course last year and has done well in building good rankings at her website so we asked her to share how she has attained this success.

Here is Michelle’s 13th lesson.

Internet LOOKS?

Off-line it is a debatable topic, but in the on-line world, looks don’t count for much.  The old adage that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover definitely applies here.

The appearance of your site plays a very small part in making a successful web site.   Don’t get me wrong, it certainly has it’s place, but it is not where your focus should be when first starting your on-line business.

Yup I am going to say it again, the most powerful tool when working on-line is “CONTENT.”  Content drives traffic, sales and visitor loyalty.  Looks just don’t count that much. Your initial site design should exude professionalism without too much flair.  Your focus should be on ease of navigation and content, not appearance.

Two quick examples.  Take a look at  No fancy stuff there, just simple and straightforward,  but definitely one heck of a moneymaker!  Now, check out  This site’s looks are really basic and it is actually kind of unattractive, but it gets over 16,000 visitors a day!

Take it from Kipling……

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”  ~Rudyard Kipling

So if “content is king” how exactly should you communicate your message?

The key is to communicate your content in an easy to read consumable style, kind of like you were sharing information with a friend over coffee.  Don’t write as if you are completing your thesis. Write in a friendly manner, kind of the way you talk (well, almost).

Write short, sharp, active sentences. Your sentences should not be long formal paragraphs.  Keep it simple, visitors know great content when they read it……..

It has that “been there – done that” voice and flair.
It has specific knowledge that comes from real experience.
It is supported by a depth of useful information — good reference material plays an important part.

It is spun or positioned in a way that is uniquely yours.

Furthermore, it is consistent, from page to page, from e-zine issue to issue, from
week to month to year.

And finally, it is for the customer, absolutely. If you write to please just yourself, you have a hobby. A nice creative outlet, but it’s not likely to pay much.

The key is that if you are trying to start a business on-line you shouldn’t put a tremendous amount of time and money into how your site LOOKS.  Put it instead where  it counts, into the real money maker: CONTENT!

All the fancy flashing high tech buttons and video streaming in the world are not going to drive traffic to your site.  You could have the snazziest looking site with all the high tech stuff and still fail miserably.

Bottom Line……..

Building a business is all about building relationships and you can’t do that with just a fancy looking web site.

You can check out Michelle’s web site at To see how and what tools she used to create a successful on-line business go to

Until next message may your living be happy, safe and free.


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