Ecuadorian Charity

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Ecuadorian charity is everywere.

One of Cotacachi’s very charitable citizens for example is Dr. Vaca. He is a Russian trained MD (he lived in Ukraine for eight years) and is our doc of choice when any guest or staff member is ill. Pure compassion and skill. Ecuador Charity and good medicine seem to go hand in hand.

Recently he invited Merri and me to join hm for a day at the clinic operated by an Ecuadorian charity that he stations once a week in a remote mountain village (Mohanda).

The village sits high in the mountains up a winding road above Otavalo…not far as the crow flies. Some crow! The distance makes all the difference in the world. This creates some need for Ecuadorian charty as well.

Dr Vaca has a beloved Honda pickup that he proudly proclaims is 26 years old…perfect for making our way up the mountain.

We arrive.


Our welcome committee at the clinic are the ladies of the village. This is the entrance to the clinic run by Ecuadorian charity with the help of a very wonderful charitable woman from Spain.

There is a school.


And a kindergarten.

We visited the children learning and having fun.


one and

They do not seem to notice that their toys are not state of the art.

Toilet paper

and bottle caps can be more than just pollution.


They have wonderful views, fresh air, clean water. Here is a shot from the school.


Plus the children have a multi ethnic upbringing.

This is one reason why I feel so comfortable in Ecuador. Many schools here have murals like this….all the children red, white, mixed and black…together. Unity is always a key educational theme. The people believe so much in multi cultural cooperation.

Merri and Ma, as always, were a hit with the children. Here she is with Jeremy and Michael.


A good day overall and a reminder why we are down here…to help others…by developing good, fair trade busness.

As we headed down the hill and looked into the valley below, I could not help but feel that these children are poor in some ways…but rich in many things that much of the Western world has missed. They are up here above it all.

Dr. Vaca’s invitation was to show us that the clinic also could use some simple medical supplies…antibiotics..bandages and such.

Until next message, may your weekend be blessed with unity as well.

We also hope you will join us in some Ecuador travel soon!


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