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Jet lag cures are something every traveller wants to know about.

Illness from jet travel is a common problem and we hate to see delegates arrive here in Ecuador with jet lag or the sniffles picked up during their trip.

There are a number of jet lag cures. Several jet lag cures were reviewed last month. See

That message evoked more helpful jet lag cures and healthy travel tips from other readers.

One reader wrote:

“Hi Gary

“Here is a jet lag cure and illnesses stopper during travel. I understand and use some of the methods you have reported and thought to share these also.

“1) I learned from one of the Olympic Swim team coach’s that the reason all the swimmers wear surgical masks while flying is due to two reasons:

“First, since they are in the water a lot and their throats are exposed to chlorine more so than most of us, they seem to loose some tolerance to colds and flu. Helping to filter the air a little helps, BUT

“2) It seems that when the throat gets dry, as it usually does on airplanes due to the conditioned air, a dry throat is more susceptible to catching the cold and flu bugs. Keeping the throat moist when wearing a mask helps reduce exposure and allows the body to wash-away possible infections before they attach themselves. Great Adventures to you!”

Our friend candace Newman wrote:

“In 1992, the first product I formulated was our Lavender Mist. I was flying to England to train with the late Micheline Arcier, and I was tired of getting sick on airplanes. I had no idea this product was going to shift people out of trauma from an auto accident, assist mothers through labor, calm nerves when performing, aid in a good night’s sleep, and assist with the dying process. This is way beyond just misting to “feel good”.
“A few years later came the Lavender-Rose Mist , when I wanted a delicate lovely mist for my face to go with the Rejuvenation Face Gel. This has gone on to nurture the heart in all of us, soothe frazzled nerves, aid in the grieving process, and celebrate the joy of the Lavender and Rose aroma.
Next came our Lavender-Peppermint Mist for two clients. One was suffering from the nausea from chemotherapy, and the other from morning sickness. This became our energizing menthol lift, helping with headaches, digestion, breathing and fatigue.
And finally, our Rejuvenation Mist came about because our #1 seller every year is our Rejuvenation Face Gel, and many have requested to please make this formula in another form. Frankincense, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Geranium and Rose are great for the skin, as they calm the spirit.

These four mists serve us as we move through our daily life with different needs….sometimes it seems we need them hourly. Mist away and enjoy the aromas.”
These mists are all good for travel and help as jet la cures!”

Candace has a four mist sampler pack that contains all four of these mists and currently is offering 10% off this pack. the normal price is $34.95 for a pack that has a 1 oz mister for each of the mists above. the pack is currently $31.45.

Candace also adds a warning!

When searching for the benefits of aromatherapy, essential oils help us in their pure state for inhalation and diffusion, in a base ingredient for safe application to the skin, and in a “mist” for cleansing the air and skin.

There are an increasing number of aromatherapy “sprays” on the market. If the idea is health, it is paramount to stay with mists made with pure essential oils or pure hydrosols. Unfortunately most sprays we see are actually not healthy at all….and we are breathing this into our brain and lungs!

Mists and hydrodols are two different things. Both good in their own right. Our mists are made with pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, purified water, aloe and vegetable glycerin. The proprietary formula captures the medicinal properties that are only available in the highly concentrated essential oils of a plant.

Hydrosols (also called Hydrolats, Aquaromes, and Floral Water) are a by product of the distillation process. Essential oils are held in oil sacs in some part of a plant or tree. These parts are put in a distillation unit and the steam ruptures the sac, carrying the oil as a vapor through the unit. When the vapor reaches the cooling unit, the essential oil separates from water. Remember essential oils do not mix with water. Thus the “floral water” holds properties of the plant that are water soluble and not as strong as the essential oil.

Hydrosols are used in many countries as medicinal remedies to sip, and in skin care. Many traditions add floral waters to desserts and sweets. Rose water is very popular in Middle Eastern cooking and can be found in Middle Eastern groceries.

In Aromatherapy, mists and hydrosols are generally used to calm our emotions, lift our spirit, cleanse the air, and soothe the skin.

Candace has a four mist sampler pack that contains all four of these mists and currently is offering 10% off this pack. the normal price is $34.95 for a pack that has a 1 oz mister for each of the mists above. the pack is currently $31.45.”

Another great rebalancing we that our delegates enjoy are shamanic cleansings.

This is the time to think about this because twice a year (spring and fall) I remind readers about the excellent book, “The 3-Season Diet”, written by a long time acquaintance, John Douillard. You can order it at John’s website. John has worked with Merri and me and we have attended several of his courses. He is a former professional athlete, helped train Billy Jean King, is a consultant to the New Jersey Nets and runs an Ayurvedic and chiropractic sports medicine practice in Boulder, Colorado.

This book is an excellent health generator on how to lose weight, beat food cravings and get fit. The 3 Season Diet points out that there are three growing seasons, spring, summer and fall. We should have three diets we vary through the year, low calorie-low fat in spring, high carbohydrate in summer and high protein in winter. This creates a food supply that fits the body’s requirements as it shifts to adapt to each of these seasons.

So it’s time to be switching our eating routines. At the beginning of the switch it’s a good idea to do a bit of internal cleansing at the change of each eating season.

Digestion is vital for good health. Spring, is thought the ideal time to rejuvenate digestion, as this is nature’s time for rejuvenation. With the melting of the snows and the thawing of the ground, the fluids in the body also start flowing more freely and performing an internal cleansing routine can help flush toxins out of the body.

One way to get cleansing started is to eat plenty of cooked apples and pears to get elimination going in the morning. Prunes, pineapple, papaya and pomegranate are other fruits that aid digestion and cleansing.

One trick Merri and I learned from a healer in the Andes to eat just pineapple for an evening meal (eaten on an empty stomach).

So whether you travel or stay at home, essential oil mists ad internal cleansing can
help as a jet lag cures…health regenerators and more.

Until next message, good health to you.


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Candace has a four mist sampler pack that contains all four of these mists and currently is offering 10% off this pack. the normal price is $34.95 for a pack that has a 1 oz mister for each of the mists above. the pack is currently $31.45.”