Ecuador Medical Tours

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Ecuador medical tours make great sense.

We continue to hear from our readers and guests about wonderful Ecuador medical and dental experiences here.

A reader just wrote about her Ecuador medical trip:

“Hi Merri, I want to thank you for including me in the trip to the wonderful Ecuador dermatologist in Otavalo last month! I declare the surgery he performed for $40 to remove the ugly growth on my face, a complete success!

“As of today, there is no further trace of the growth or the surgery!!!!!   This is such a blessing.  Even though US docs proclaimed this cosmetic, it was always a drag to see this mark any time I looked in a mirror, and now it is completely gone.

“Here is another example of the wonders of high quality health professionals in Ecuador performing their work with the latest equipment with skill and compassion.  Please convey my gratitude to the doctor the next time you see him!  Twelve years ago I was told by docs in the US that to remove this growth would cost around $1200, so I never did anything about it since it was  ‘elective’ and not covered by insurance.

“I really appreciate your finding this excellent doctor and putting me in contact with him!

“We send our best wishes to you, Gary, Ma, Steve and the fabulous El Meson staff!  We miss you all and hope to see you again soon!  Fondly”.

Ecuador medical tours can create real savings. More importantly those who report back to us that even more important than the savings is the extra care they feel here.


Join at one of our upcoming tours and save on Ecuador medical and dental services or prescriptions while you are here.  Many delegates find that they save more than the cost of their travel and a course.

Plus enjoy the beauty of Ecuador in the mountains .


And on the sea.


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