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Ecuador real estate opportunity reminds me of real estate opportunity in Singapore…the way it used to be when I worked there in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

There are many similarities in Ecuador’s real estate opportunity…equatorial…multi ethnic and Ecuador now as Singapore then is emerging from a form of

Many investors looking for real estate opportunity wrote Singapore off when Britain released it as a colony.

They fretted over a young new idealist leader named Lee Kwan Yew.  Many were frightened by the potential change this man wanted. Now investors looking for Ecuador real estate opportunity fret over the young idealistic leader here.

Those who hung around Asia as I did in the 70s made fortunes as the real estate opportunity was incredible in the Tigers (Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore) as they emerged while the West sank into the 70s recession.

As then in Singapore…and perhaps now in Ecuador real estate opportunity can be seen if we view global investing fundamentals.

This means it is fitting to hear some wisdom from Singapore’s Lee Kwan Yew that could apply to Ecuador’s real estate emergence now.

Most of the press are writing about the world sliding into recession. Many articles in the Western press make it sound like there s little opportunity in real estate or anywhere in Ecuador.

Their doom and gloom creates positive global investing and Ecuador real estate fundamentals for those of us who can see through the illusion.

Let the press frighten other business people and investors. That seems to be the medias’s job or at least the goal. We can focus on reality instead.

Real estate investors  worry that they might lose on Ecuador real estate due to government confiscation.  Highly unlikely. More likely? Real estate investors will lose on real estate in the US due to the market’s drop!

Yet fear stops them from enjoying a good life here where they can own homes on this lake for a song.


Lee Kuan Yew put it succinctly in a recent interview.

Lee Kuan Yew led Singapore to independence and served as its first prime minister. He was regularly re-elected from 1959 until he stepped down in 1990. Under his leadership, Singapore became a wealthy financial – industrial city state despite a lack of natural resources. He left office in 1990 but has remained as Singapore’s Minister Mentor.

I have watched Singapore since the late 1960s when I first traveled there.

Everything I have read and seen leads me to believe that he is a very bright guy.

Recently UPI’s editor at large, Arnaud de Borchgrave, interviewed him. Here is what Lee Kuan Yew had to say about the press when asked why democracies don’t produce great statesmen anymore.

“You now have, and I don’t know how long this phase will last, mass media domination, owned by a group of media barons who want constant change for their balance sheets.”

This is the long and short of a very important global investing fundamental. The media want you worried. They want you tuned to the TV or your nose glued to the daily rag.


During the upcoming months you are likely to see a lot of headlines about recessions, depressions, economic horror and financial collapse.

Do not buy into this!

Instead remember the following global investing fundamentals.

#1: You can never predict markets in the short term because they are controlled by human emotions. Markets will always bounce up and down. Times of high market
performance will always be followed by periods of low growth.

#2: You can always count on markets in the long run because they are controlled by universal laws of supply and demand.

#3: The world has a growing population learning how to produce more and being paid more to do so. In other words there is growing supply and demand.

#4: A continual flow of new technology continues to support a growing global economy that enhances wealth for all.

#5: Short term downturns (such as we are seeing now) create good value.

#6: The press profits from making downturns look worse than they are.

#7: Downturns are natural and good…part of nature’s rhythm. When downturns are magnified by the press, greater opportunity is created for investors who ignore daily economic noise, short term fluctuations and seek good value instead.

My guess (one I am backing with my increased real estate investments in Ecuador) is that we are heading into the best time to invest since 1982 when the Dow had slid sideways for 14 years.

Everyone felt a disaster was coming. The richest growth in the history of mankind came instead.

With that thought, may all your worries turn into riches instead.


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